Don’t Be Mediocre – 30 Ways To Not Be Like Everyone Else


How do you begin your day? Is it the standard way? Do you hit snooze a million times, take a warm cozy shower, sleep walk out of the house, stop at Starbucks for a gallon of coffee doused in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, genocides, and a low-fat bagel or bowl of cereal steeped…

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9 Ways To Improve Your Pull-Ups

Gym Workout For Back

The pull up. For decades it’s been the most revered upper body exercise in the gym. Everyone wants to perform perfect pull ups, but to see them done correctly is about as rare as rocking horse poo.   So the question is: why worry about pull ups?   Firstly, they’re not only a terrific upper…

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6 Things Your Trainer Wished You Stopped Doing

  Chances are, you have several criteria you use when you select a personal trainer: punctual, in good shape, good rapport, and gets you results. But guess what? Your trainer wishes you’d follow some rules, too. Here are 6 things your trainer wish you’d quit. To make the most of your time with them, it…

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31 Ways To Stay Skinny Fat

Portrait of an athletic girl. Beautiful young sport fitness model getting ready for jogging in city park.

Skinny fat explains those with high levels of body fat, and low levels of muscle tone. In short, not a good look at the beach or in the bedroom. However it’s not all about appearance. Those suffering from SFD [Skinny Fat Disease] might have a healthy scale weight, however they have metabolic profiles that would…

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Coffee – Is it a win or a sin?

Young man watching tablet in cafe

I sit back on my lunch break and stare into the overcrowded hipster café. Junkies standing in line, all waiting for their next hit. There they stand in their Birkies, color drained from their skin, eyes down on their phone, shuffling toward the drug dealer on the other side of the counter.   Once it’s…

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5 Surprising Reasons Cutting Out Breakfast Is Healthy For You

overhead photograph of person with breakfast waffles with marmalade, coffee and orange juice

The trend of cutting out breakfast is a hot trend right now. Skipping breakfast, also known as intermittent fasting or IF, challenges a lot of long-held assumptions around diet and weight loss.   If you’ve never heard of IF, it’s basically the practice of abstaining from all but water for a period of anywhere from…

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How To Find A Trainer?

I get asked a lot about how to find a good trainer or coach. Here’s a handy checklist: 1. They’re not into fads or the latest trends. If they are literally jumping from crossfit, to power lifting, to juggling knifes on a BOSU ball, look elsewhere. 2. They test key areas regularly. Flexibility, strength, and…

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Ditch The Guilt

Beauty model girl taking colorful donuts. Dieting concept

It’s Friday at 10:35pm. You’re staring at your phone in bed, mindlessly scrolling through your Instragram feed, trying to take your mind off the last three hours. Just ignore it, you repeat to yourself. As you begin to drift off to sleep you’re jolted awake as you remember your weigh in tomorrow at the gym.  …

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