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  • Build A "Beach-Ready" Body
  • Tone & Strengthen Your Legs, Arms, Stomach and Shoulders
  • Easy To Follow Meal Plan [NO Crash-Diets]
  • Fun, Varied Training That WORKS

Here's How It Works

  • The 10-Week Transformation Challenge costs $78 per week. If you are an existing P1 member it costs just $99 to register
  • You will take "Before" photos, callipers and weigh in on Saturday September 27. You will take "After" photos, callipers and weigh in on Saturday December 6. All before/after photos will be voted on, with the first place taking home $1,000
  • This challenge will have you training 3 x per week in our Semi-Private personal training sessions. These sessions are capped at 6 participants, and you will be in an all-female or all-male group. You will train a minimum of 3-times per week. These times are ranging from 5am to 7pm.
  • This program is reserved ONLY for action-takers who don't whinge, complain or act like Negative Nancy's. Know it alls need not apply! The entire P1 team will bend over backwards to get you results BUT you must be willing to come to the party - it takes two to tango!
  • You will receive a custom tailored meal plan and in the first week P1 owner Pete will sit down with you 1:1 to work out your plan and answer ANY questions you have

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