11 Fat Loss Myths: Part I


Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of emails and FB questions about looking GREAT at the beach this year.

I’ve had to clear some myths about fat-loss, just so people better understand how to get lean and still look and feel healthy.

So in this blog post I’m going to lay out some things that are VITAL if you want to be fit, lean and turn heads this summer.

I see people do things wrong ALL the time, especially when it comes to fat loss. Let’s clear a few of them up…

Myth #1: Running is the best choice for fat loss

Firstly let me clarify something – I don’t hate running. Nor do I hate runners. BUT what I do hate is people thinking that running is the most effective fat loss exercise.

If your goal is to run a marathon, or you are a triathlete, then running is fantastic. But if your primary goal is to become leaner, stronger, and look better naked, it sucks.

My order of importance for body transformation is something like this: nutrition is #1, resistance training is #2, and cardio is #3.

Take the worlds best-looking bodies and they have one thing in common – they lift weights. Male, female, old, young, the world’s best bodies do resistance training.

Very rarely do you see a marathon runner with an amazing physique. A track and field athlete? Definitely. A weight lifter or gymnast? All the time. A fitness model or a bodybuilder? You betcha.

Excessive cardio can set off a state in the body where the body  burns away muscle to lessen energy demands. It then can store body fat as a response. Once this happens, it becomes near impossible to lose any fat no matter how low-calorie you go or how many KM’s you run.

When you lose muscle, your metabolism actually slows. This of course results in a huge rebound effect when you start to eat normally again.

My biggest issue with endless running is cortisol – that nasty little hormone which forces muscle breakdown, then converts it to glucose, and use it as fuel.

It is also to blame for the excess body fat storage around the stomach (Ever notice this with good runners – they have a skinny face and body but that little “pouch” around the belly button?)

Remember this one rule – if you are an apple shape, and all you do is cardio, you will just become a small apple. (I think they’re technically called Jazz apples?) If you are an apple shape, and then you follow a program that is focused on nutrition and resistance training, you can transform into an athletic toned body shape.

Myth #2: I need to completely cut out carbs

Ahh carb’s, the one word that gets long-term dieters salivating more than Pavlov’s dog.

Carb’s are not the enemy. You CAN eat carb’s and still lose body fat each week.

However the thing is, we all have a different tolerance to carbs.

Your tolerance is determined by your activity levels, hormones, body fat percentage, genetic makeup, and if you have poor insulin sensitivity.

I find the leaner somebody is, the better they can tolerate carbs. As Charles Poliquin says, “You have to EARN your carb’s”

What he means is the leaner you are, the more you can handle. If you’re over 30% body fat, it’s safe to assume you’re pretty insulin resistant and will not handle carb’s too well. You might have 2-8 serves of good carb’s per month.

Under 25%, and you can have a controlled amount of good carbs… maybe 1-2 per week.

Under 18-20%, and you can probably benefit from carbohydrate cycling, where you will cycle between low, medium and maybe high carbohydrate days for fat loss. You would also benefit from a carb powder post workout.

Under 10%, and you can handle even more.

My favorite carb sources for my fat-loss clients are pumpkin and sweet potato (skin off for those with autoimmune issues), a little brown rice, organic rice thins, coconut water, and maybe some post workout dextrose after heavy weight sessions.

Remember you have to earn the right, get lean first and fix your insulin sensitivity, and then you can slowly increase them.

You should avoid all grains – they suck. 

Myth #3: Fat will make me fat

I love my fats. And I find the more I eat, the leaner I get.

I take up to 15 fish oil tablets per day. I eat eggs whole. I use coconut oil and butter in my cooking. I eat almond butter and peanut butter straight out of the jar.

The typical Aussie diet is 70% carbs or higher. And the average Aussie is overweight, weak, and sick. Fats are not the problem here – the problem is excess carb’s. (See Myth #1)

Click here for my full article on fats.

Myth #4: Bicep curls will give me great arms

Want to show off great arms?

You need to go old school with your training and stick to the big, compound exercises.

There is ZERO point doing crappy isolation work if you’re over 20% body fat and time poor. You need to squat, deadlift, and press and pull heavy barbells and body weight.

The calories burned during any exercise session are relatively low compared to the calories you burn in a full day. So you need to make it your goal to permanently burn more calories 24/7. The BEST way to do this is to build muscle.

Muscle = metabolism, so quit with the pink 2kg weights and stick with the old school exercises.

Heavier weights stimulate the release of testosterone and growth hormone – both of which are the perfect ingredients for building muscle and burning fat. 2kg bicep curls will not do this, but deadlifting body weight x 2 or squatting body weight x 1.5 most definitely will.

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