11 Fat Loss Myths: Part II


If you missed Part I click here

OK so a huge response to Fridays article, here is part II…


Myth #5: Eat carb’s whenever you like

As I said under Myth #2, if you are 30% or more, it doesn’t matter what time of the day you eat carb’s – you should not be eating them.

For others, the #1 time to consume carbs is post workout. Other times lead to insulin spike and energy crash’s, neither of which are conducive to high energy or fat loss.


Myth #6: You can eat lots of fruit and lose fat

If I hear one more person say, “But Pete fruit is natures candy you know”, I will lose it.

Yes, it is a natural food, is fat-free and is considered PALEO, but let’s not forget what fruit is – fructose. This nasty little sugar can only be processed by the liver, and our bodies have a hard time handling any more than 50g of fructose per day.

GP’s think I’m the anti-Christ when I tell patients of theirs to decrease their fruit intake. Our ancestral friends would eat fruit 10,000 years ago, but it was organic, in season, and local.

It hadn’t been sprayed with chemicals, nor had it travelled half way around the country to wind up on your plate.

Try reducing to 3-6 serves per week, and go for organic berries if possible. To compensate make sure you’re consuming green veggies with most meals.


Myth #7: Sleep is for the weak

I’ll admit it – I used to think this.

I remember reading that Trump used to sleep for only 3 hours per night, and wake up fresh as a daisy. I tried that for almost a year, and “thought” I felt rested until I started sleeping 5-6 hours.

I feel for me, 6 hours a night is perfect. Others swear by 8, or 10, or 15. To paraphrase Arnie:

“If you think you need more than 6 hours sleep, Well, then sleep faster I recommend..”

Try getting 6 quality hours per night, which means you’re left with another 18 hours each day to make sh*t happen.

Lack of sleep means you will have higher cortisol, less growth hormone, and you can be assured you will crave sugar the following day. Find a routine, switch off an hour beforehand, keep your room dark, and get quality sleep every night.


Myth #8: Coffee is bad for you

1-2 coffee’s per day can help fat loss and help you stick around for a few more years.

Don’t choose the mocha-pocha-pooka-latte, stick with the basics: long black, short black, or a macchiato. Skip the sugar and sweeteners. Dairy sucks and you want to avoid it for best results


I’ll be back with part 3 in a few days…

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