13 Things That Are Awesome In My Life Right Now


1) My Aeropress

This bad boy makes the best home-made coffee in the world. I’ve tried Nespresso and I used to use a French press, but the Aeropress is by far the best. Nothing beats a quality coffee at 5am.



2) Water filters

My wife has convinced me to only drink cold, filtered water. There is so much crap in the tap water, so the filter ensures the bad stuff gets taken out and the good stuff stays in.

3) Highland Park

My favorite drink right now. Try the 18 year.



4) Assistance work

A trainer friend of mine convinced me to add assistance exercises in last year. Instead of just doing compound exercises, I know throw in band pullaparts, body weight glute raises, face pulls and a lot of single leg exercises to assist with my main lifts.

5) Time limits

Want to ensure you have an epic workout? Give yourself a 30 or 40-minute time limit each workout. It will ensure you don’t stuff around on your phone or spend too long between sets. It also sends a message to everyone around you: Don’t mess with me and my workout, I’m here to work.

6) My blog

Which means YOU. I’m grateful I get to share my thoughts and articles with you, and love it even more when you comment or send email replies back. Thank YOU

7) Powerless treadmill sprints

Credit for these goes to elitefts.com, where I originally saw it. It’s almost as good as pushing a sled, so if your gym doesn’t have a sled available do these.

8) Cooking

I’m committed to learning how to properly cook this year. Not just a steak on the BBQ, but proper gourmet meals. I’m a noob at this, so it’s been humbling to learn from scratch.

9) Double unders

Skipping is hard, and DBU’s are even harder. 5 minutes of these has me dripping in sweat and is great cardio. These and the P.T.S. (See #7) are the main cardio sessions I’m doing right now.

10) Intermittent Fasting

IF for me is so easy. Get to work, GSD, train, and then think about food. I don’t have to worry about bringing meals with me, I can simply duck home for lunch and then decide.

11) Business

I’m so grateful to actually be able to choose my working hours, to go home for lunch, to be able to travel, and to enjoy what I do. I know not many people can say that about their job.

12) Reading

I’m a self-confessed book nerd. Some good reads I’ve had this year:

13) Surfing

I’m a very average surfer. But it’s been great to get back in the water on Sunday’s. No phone, good mates, good workout.


Now it’s YOUR turn – I want to hear what’s awesome in your life right now??


  • Jade

    I have taken up a nutrition course at uni because of my newfound interest in food!! i LOVE eating, so why not study one of my favourite parts of life?? Also, by doing the hulk program my eyes have opened up to so many more possibilities and capabilities i have in weightlifting!
    PS: Skipping is so much fun, i will happily add this to my week on quiet days to help burn some extra fat!

  • pete

    Nice Jade – so glad you’ve got the Hulk program on there, and great to hear you’re studying what you’re passionate about. Yes skipping is killer, 5-10 mins and I’m spent. Great work!