18 Nutrition Rules To Look Better Naked


What you choose to put in your body each day is probably the most important decision.

It will effect your concentration, your work performance, how you look, and of course how your body performs in the gym.

Unfortunately we all react differently to different food groups. The only way to know what helps you perform and recover better – both physically and mentally – is to be a lifelong student, and to listen to your body.

We all have different responses, which is why a dogmatic diet prescription is never going to work.

18 Nutrition Rules to Look Better Naked

1. Keep a food journal for 7-10 days. Note what makes you feel awesome, and what makes you feel atrocious.

2. Buy locally at farmers markets as much as possible. Stick it to the man and go local.

3. Listen to your own body.

For years, I tried to force down foods that were supposed to make me feel great. For example, every trainer used to encourage everybody to eat oats every morning.

For me, they make me sleepy and bloated. For my wife, she is even more sensitive. For foods like sweet potato, she needs to remove the skins as they irritate her stomach. The point is, take note of what works. Just because it’s in a fitness magazine, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. The point is take note of what has adverse effects for you, and what makes you feel great. You are your best guinea pig.


4. Like Jack LaLanne said, “If man made it don’t eat it.” In other words, if it comes in a box or a bag your best bet is to skip it 90% of the time.

5. Focus on a healthy pooping schedule. Seriously. Focus on high fiber foods – plenty of leafy veggies, and some berries for dessert.

6. Chew more. I once went on an experiment where I had to chew every mouthful for 20+ chews.

Normally my chew to swallow ratio is about 1:1. I tried the 20:1 ratio. It was torture. BUT – it helped. And I ate less, which was an added bonus.

7. Sneak some treats into your daily or weekly meal plan. Forget thinking about “good” vs “bad” food. There is no bad food, only bad portion control.

8. Milk does NOT do 75% of the clients I work with any good. [Add it to the journal and take note]

9. Consider reducing fruit for 5-7 days per week, if your primary goal is fat loss. [HINT: Reducing does not mean zero – but if you’re having a lot, pull it back a little bit]


10. Don’t bash saturated fats. Dietary cholesterol has a direct relation to testosterone production (Yep, important for da ladiez as well).

Try coconut oil, grass fed beef with some fat left on, and whole eggs.

11. Also, coconut oil makes for a great moisturizer for your skin. Yer, I’ll admit it.

12. Use apple cider vinegar before meals or on salads to improve digestion.

13. Rotate how you cook your eggs. Bum nuts are a highly allergenic food group. And if you’re like me and enjoy eating breakfast foods for lunch, dinner and dessert, then you want to keep them in your diet. For a few days, go poached. Then switch to fried, then back to scrambled.

14. Stop cooking with vegetable or canola oils. Instead, cook with macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, or rice bran oil.

15. Do not fear white rice. White rice is like the Mickelberg brothers in the Perth Mint Swindle – convicted of a crime they had nothing to do with. Give white rice a chance.

16. Get off the beer. Hops are one of the worst things you can consume, due to the elevated estrogen it causes inflammatory response. Basically that means crappy digestion, man boobs for guys and lower body fat for females. Man up and drink scotch, or switch to vodka and soda.

Think the Rock is smashing beers every Friday?

Think the Rock is smashing beers every Friday?

17. Include sauerkraut daily for improved digestion.

18. Don’t eat while working. Focus on one single thing at a time. You’ll eat less, enjoy your food more, and you won’t get crumbs in your keyboard.

What are your thoughts? Any rules you would add? Speak to you in the comments below!


  • Cathy Cardozo

    what about plain Greek yogurt? doesn’t seem to adversely affect me

    • Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for the comment.

      If it doesn’t upset you, then it should be fine. Try taking it out for 7 days, and then reintroduce. Your body may have built up some tolerance levels.