3 quick things about kicking arse and my life


1.    I’m going to be a dad!

Nicole and I announced at our wedding last Friday that we are expecting twins in 2013!

We’ve since had the scans and we are expecting one girl and one boy, and they are both healthy. I share this personal info with you guys because the total P1 gym is a part of my family and community… I’ll share more wedding pics with you soon.

Cutting the cake… And yes I ate it:)


2.    Luck is bullsh*t

You’re welcome to disagree, but I reckon luck is BS.


People often look at a successful athlete, businessperson or celebrity and sigh, “I wish I had their luck!” In 1% of cases luck might have something to do with it, such as the incredibly gifted sportsperson or the son of a wealthy entrepreneur who has a huge inheritance.


But in the other 99% of cases there’s no such thing as luck.


I see this in people all of the time – they wish they were “lucky” like their friend who is in great shape, or had the “luck” of their colleague who got another promotion this year.


To succeed in any area who first need to take action. You have to stop praying and wishing and actually start something!


I had no idea what to do when I first opened my business, but I started… I took the first step, opened it up, and then learnt as I went along. I worked my tail off to get it going. Luck had nothing to do with it, it was simply grinding away and taking imperfect action whilst I learnt.


We must stop looking at others and thinking, “They’re so lucky” or “gee the universe had good plans for that person!”


At the end of the day, they are there because at some stage in their life they took action and actually did something.


The professional athlete practised for hours each day…


The successful business owner took out a second mortgage to cover the start-up costs…


The actress auditioned in over 300 small movies before finally winning a role…


They took a risk and most likely worked 60, 80 even 100 hour weeks to get to where they are.


At the end of the day you are going to get what you focus on. Successful people focus on ways to increase their health, get stronger, and eat healthy foods every day. They look for OPPORTUNITIES to get healthier and increase their success.


Unsuccessful  people focus on the CHALLENGES that they might encounter along the way. (Notice that I said might encounter, not will.) Or they imagine how much the exercise is going to hurt when they begin.


Stop focusing on how lucky others are, or on the challenges, and focus instead on taking ACTION and what opportunities lie ahead of you


3.    Four weeks left!

There are now less than four weeks until Christmas day. You know I’m a big fan on being held accountable, so I want to know your goals – drop a comment below and let me know your fitness/training/health goals for the next four weeks. Remember – you get what you focus on, so if you are not focusing on anything with your health, then you will get nothing…


When you make your goals public, you are much more likely to achieve them! When I publically declared I wanted to deadlift 200kg in 2012, I was so much more driven to achieve it. I smashed my 200kg goal with weeks to spare because I made it public to you here on my blog.


Share with me below what you want to achieve, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you out…


If you haven’t already, then check out my Facebook Page here – I’ll post more wedding pics soon and share daily fitness and fat loss tips.

  • Peter Taylor

    Morning Peter,
    I agree that you make your own luck by knowing where you are going and get there by application and persistence, I also know in my own situation that timing of your actions helps. I will tell you my story in a bit of detail some day if you like. Broke due to fraud in 1998. Did some risky things in real estate when the timing was right (luck) and then bought a business in 2003. It worked. Very comfortable now.

  • Peter Taylor

    Congratulations on your and Nicole’s marriage and impending twins. Fantastic.

  • pete

    Hi Peter, Would love to hear your story… Goes to show that when you do take action things fall into place, good on you. And thanks, very exciting times… Speak soon