6 Minute Ab Workout


It’s the end of the second week of my transformation program, Lean in 6, that I’m running at my Priority 1 gym. It’s an awesome ride as I follow this group, and I got to witness the group lose close to 100kg in the first week.

Really, really exciting to see.

Anyway, one of the things this group have asked me is about ab training. I generally don’t program a lot of direct ab exercises into their workouts – the exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and the pressing exercises tend to work the abs enough.

But what do I recommend as a tough ab exercise if you want a little bit more?

Here is my 6 minute ab workout you should throw in once or twice per week. I tend to recommend this workout after a strength session, or on your off days.



Try these out, and drop me a comment telling me how you go!