I’m here in Bali for my 7-day health and wellness retreat, and travelling brings certain challenges when it comes to eating healthy.

For all of this week, my theme is going to be “Healthy Travel Hacks”. It’s all about teaching you unconventional ways to eat, train, and live whilst travelling.

Here are my first 6 tips.

 1. S+S as soon as you land

As soon as you arrive at your destination, there’s two things you need to do:

  • Shop – Perform a healthy shop and stock up on what you’ll need.
  • Sweat – It doesn’t matter what or where, but ensure you get a workout in.

Do the shopping before you unpack your suitcase. This prevents any fast food blowouts. Find a fresh grocer and grab plenty of veggies, grass fed meat, and some nuts and fruit to snack on.

Then, workout.

Find something to do and break a sweat, even if it’s only 10 minutes. This will really set the foundation for your holiday, and instead of leaving it for a few days, you’re getting stuck in from day 1.

2.    Feast or Fast

This tip comes from John Romaniello (author of Man 2.0), who uses travelling days as either a 24-hour fast, or a full-on cheat day.

The truth is – trying to eat healthy in airports is bloody impossible. Plus there are a ton of temptations – muffins, take away, beers, and bulk-chocolates are everywhere. When you add in some jet lag and no sleep from the screaming 3 year old behind you, your guard will be down.

Even when you try and eat healthy and order a salad like I did recently, this is what happens:

Yep, airport food sucks.

I find it easy to fast during travelling. I don’t think about food and I just use the extra time to work, sleep, or catch up on any awful Ryan Reynolds’ films I’ve missed.

3.    Avoid the mini-bar

Peanut M&M’s, chocolate, and scotch.

Three of my favourite treats that happen to be in every single mini-bar ever invented.

The easiest way to stay clear of it is to keep it out of sight.

It all comes back to the #1 diet tip

If you’re using the travel day as your cheat day (Refer to point #3), be my guest. Go nuts.

4.    Hydrate

Flying will dehydrate you – causing fatigue, cravings and crappy digestion (excuse the pun)

Keep the alcohol and caffeine to a minimum, and aim for 2L or more for every 25kg’s of lean body weight.

5.    Carb’s at night

The key when it comes to avoiding weight gain on holidays is to keep carb’s low during the day.

It’s generally at night where there are more carb’s and more temptations, and by eating l0w-carb all day and exercising means you can then enjoy them at night. (More on this topic tomorrow)

6.    Relax a little.

It is hard to stick to your normal routine when travelling.

My workouts and eating will relax slightly, but it’s NOT an all-out binge. A binge will take weeks to undo, and it’s not worth the hard work.

In saying that, I’m never going to tell you to not enjoy your favourite meals whilst travelling. I know I’ll be enjoying some beers and burgers whilst I’m here BUT it’s balanced with the first 5 tips.

The truth is, there’s no excuse for not staying healthy whilst away.

What’s your #1 holiday tip?

Care to share?

Speak to you in the comments below,

Pete “Not coming back with 5 extra kilograms” Tansley