Why You Need A Bucket List


You would have heard me mention a bucket list previously in my blogs or on my Facebook page.


It’s something that I know changed my life when I started to write one just after my 18th birthday.


Before then, I was unmotivated, had a crappy work ethic and my life was nothing to be inspired about.


After going to a motivational seminar at the time, the speaker suggested to write a bucket list – a list of 100 or more things that I’d like to achieve, see, own, experience or donate before I kick the bucket.


For me that was a transforming experience…


After writing the list it gave me FIRE. It set in motion my own transformation, which saw me go from having little ambition or drive, to having some BIG goals and dreams.


Sure, there was more to it than just writing the list, but I have no doubt it was the start of it all. It got me thinking bigger and made me realize that my time here is short…


YOU need a bucket list.


You MUST start one today. Life is short, and for you, your time is running out. I don’t say this to scare you into action but to inspire you to live a life of bigger, better and more fulfilling things.


I’ve broken my list down into certain categories. I’m always adding to mine, and always editing or tweaking certain items.


For me, it’s not just about “stuff” I want to own. Sure that’s a part of it, but maybe only 10% or so.


So without further ado here’s the start of my Bucket List….


Bucket List 1-7: Experiences


1)   Climb to Everest base camp before 2015.


Ever since reading Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer I’ve been fascinated with Everest.


2)   Climb the Kokoda trail. A bunch of mates, mud and history. Great combination.


3)   Get a Hole in one. I don’t even play golf. It frustrates me too much, BUT getting a hole in one still appeals to me.


4)   Speak to a crowd of 10,000. I used to hate speaking with a passion. Today, I absolutely love the thrill and the challenge of speaking to a crowd. 10,000 people would be the ultimate.


5)   See my great grandkids get married. This is a big part of what inspires me to live a healthy life.


When I’m tired and want to do nothing more than sit on the couch, I remember this goal, and it helps me get to the gym to workout. Hint: make your health goals about other people, and you’ll be more likely to stick to them compared to a “me” goal.


6)   Start a family. This is already in the works, and my wife and I are expecting twins later this year.


It’s always been on the list for me. Some guys never want kids and that’s fine, but I cannot wait to start a family.


7)   Be in a position to change lives.


This was one of the first ones I wrote almost ten years ago. I’m lucky enough to say I have achieved this one, by opening my own gym and having an awesome team working with me, I’m able to influence hundreds of client’s lives each week.


Now it’s YOUR turn! What’s on YOUR list? What do you want to achieve, experience, see, visit, learn, win, study?


Don’t be shy! Comment below with ONE thing on your list… GO