18 Mistakes (#3 surprised even me) You’re Making

Success and life achievement concept.

Are you making these mistakes with your approach to training and diet? I’ve compiled a list of 18 mistakes from some of Australia’s brightest personal trainers and strength coaches. Read below as they chime in with the mistakes they see people making with their training, nutrition, mindset and recovery techniques. Brando Hasick Instagram || Blog Don’t go it…

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Pete’s Picks – The Best Articles & Videos Of The Week: 24/01/2016

I hope you’ve had a ripper week. It’s about to get better as I share ‘Pete’s Picks’ Each week, I’m going to share a post where I link a bunch of the best material for you to view. I’ll devote it to articles, videos, podcasts and even Insty posts that are worth looking at. Hopefully…

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6 Lessons For Permanent Body Transformation In 2016

Beautiful fitness athlete woman resting drinking water after work out exercising on beach summer evening in sunny sunshine outdoor portrait

Cathy was keen. Super keen.   We met on January 2, when her New Years Resolutions were fresh in her mind from the previous day. [Like 99% of people – she had waited until January 1 to take action on her goals.] Cathy told me how she was going to completely overhaul her life. She…

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The Truth on Macronutrients, Part III: The Skinny on Fats

I really feel sorry for fats. They are still getting blamed for fat gain despite having a vital role to play in your health and even fat loss. Your body needs fat to function properly, the same way it needs protein and carbohydrates.   Let’s have a look at what it is…   Fat is a…

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The Truth on Macronutrients, Part II: Give up carbs? Over my bread body!

Let me set the record straight here… Carbs are NOT the enemy!   Ever since some guy called Atkins started selling his message, we’ve blamed carbs for everything ranging from muffin tops, shrinking thigh gaps and climate change.   Carbs come in a variety of forms. Some of them are essential, and others, at particular…

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The Truth On Macronutrients, Part I: The Power of Protein

In a previous article, I outlined when it might be an appropriate time to count calories.   In the first part of this series, I want to shed some light on how to begin a calorie-controlled diet. If you’re ready to begin counting calories, this is the perfect guide for you.   The next step…

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To count or not to count calories?

If you listen to some experts, they’ll tell you that weight loss is simple:   Control calories in vs. calories out.   They say calorie counting is the best option. Other experts disagree, and say a more intuitive method works better.   So… who is right? My take is that both arguments are right.  …

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Will A Big Dinner Stop Weight Loss?

Every fitness magazine or news report tells you the “facts” about weight loss: No carbs after 5pm Big breakfast, small dinner Breakfast is the most important meal of the day Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime However in my experience with clients and my own body, often it’s about doing the opposite of these rules…

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