Learn how to speed up your metabolism and blast fat in time for summer!

During the seminar you will receive:

  • Training sessions – 2 x 60-minute training sessions are included in the seminar. The sessions will be run by Pete Tansley from P1Fitness, and he will show you the exercises, correct form and intensity to get you the results you want.
  • Nutrition. Everything you need including how to cook, what to cook, plus a simple and tasty recipe guide for you to take home.
  • After the seminar you will complete a (FREE) 2 week program with P1 Fitness. You will then be able to apply the body transformation strategies you have learned during the seminar.
  • Other topics to be covered will include hormones, digestion, food sensitivities and how to adhere to your meal plan for the long term.
  • The TRUTH on the dozens of BS fat-loss and fitness myths. We will cover carbohydrates, the “3-hour” eating rule, supplements, hormones and more.
  • This is an information packed, hands on day with fantastic presenters.

You Receive:

  • Your Spot at the “NAME ” seminar
  • 2 Weeks of Training at P1 Fitness with an experienced personal trainer
  • A 4-week training program
  • Online education series
  • A cooking lesson from Chef NAME
  • A clean eating guide that makes clean eating simple
  • A meal plan written for your body type and goals

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All for only $99.

Seminar will run on DATE from 11am-3pm. All material supplied.

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