Men: Testosterone is your friend.


Having higher levels of testosterone is a good thing. Here’s why: you repair faster, have healthier testicles (Who doesn’t want that?), improve immune function, have less body fat, look younger, and have more ambition.


Don’t believe me on the last one? It’s true – the centre of the brain that controls sexual desire also controls ambition. And hormones play a huge role in both of those functions. But I’ll come back to that.


The stigma that goes with testosterone – rage, aggression, and pimples on the back – is nonsense.


Testosterone is probably the most important male hormone. And sadly, it’s decreasing.


In the past 20 years, the average level of testosterone has dropped between 20 – 30 %. And for that exact reason, today’s men have become fatter, weaker, and are far less ambitious.


Your Ambition + Sex Drive

The part of your brain that controls your ambition is also responsible for your sex drive. And can you guess the easiest way to increase activity in this part of the brain?


Yep – more testosterone.


In the book Engineering The Alpha, John and Adam look right into the link between the two. Sex drive is much more than just ego; it’s a vital sign that your body is producing enough testosterone.


So not only do our relationships suffer, but so to does our quest for a kick arse life. Our careers, philanthropic endeavours and everything else we do to Pursue Greatness is also effected.


Before You Start


1. Get your T levels checked at your doctor.

2. Try the following routine(s), then get your levels tested again and report back here in a few months.


Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally


Boosting testosterone is NOT about drugs from your doctor. With just several small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle, you can increase testosterone.


I love creating lists. So if you love reading lists, here are 6.5 tips to increase your testosterone levels WITHOUT drugs.


1) Lose stomach fat


Want to know the number one cause of low testosterone? Belly fat.


If your waist circumference is growing quicker than the Kardashian Hate Club, be prepared for lower sex drive, muscle strength and energy.


Within your fat cells, an enzyme called aromatase is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogens. Estrogens are the main sex hormones females have, and when they become too high in males it will slow the production of testosterone.


Less testosterone results in higher levels of stomach fat, and higher stomach fat repeats the cycle of more aromatase.


Often, one of the causes of belly fat is high cortisol levels. So address those first.


2. Lift heavy


Lifting weights triggers a big boost of testosterone, and other anabolic hormones growth hormone and IGF-1 (Geek speak for “more muscle”)


For your strength training, stick to the compound exercises. On day one perform deadlifts, squats, dumbbell steps ups and hip thrusts.


On day two, focus on military and bench pressing, pull ups and pushups. The bigger the movement, means the greater the testosterone boost (hate the word boost?)


3. Go Easy On The Cardio

To paraphrase Nate Miyaki, I only hate two types of people in this world:


– Runners,

– And people who are intolerant of other types of exercise.


Traditional cardio sucks for testosterone production (And for general fat loss, by the way.) Unless your goal is to break down muscle, convert it to glucose via a little process called gluconeogenesis; use it as fuel, and store more fat.


If you really want to run a marathon or even a fun run, who am I to stop you? However most people I speak to go running for one reason – to burn fat.


If that’s the case, the ONLY cardio you should be doing is high intensity cardio. Try hill sprints, or use the prowler at the end of your strength sessions for 10-15 mins.


If you train like a long-distance athlete, you will look like one, and perform like one.


I’m guessing your goal is NOT to look scrawny and lose muscle. So avoid traditional cardio like the plague.


4. Avoid testosterone killers

There are a few things that will kill off testosterone.


The first: alcohol.


Alcohol intake speeds the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen = moobs.* Beer is the worst culprit, due to the hops. If you must drink, go for a whiskey or Vodka on the rocks.


The second: sleep.


Lack of sleep blunts testosterone production and spikes cortisol.


5. Eat fats, get lean


Our body converts cholesterol into testosterone. Yes, the same cholesterol that most diet-following men are trying to avoid. Consuming fat, from the right sources, is one of the best ways to increase testosterone naturally.


Cholesterol is vitally important. Eggs and nuts, for example, are two fantastic sources of cholesterol that can increase testosterone production.


6. Try these two simple T boosters


In the 4-Hour Body, Tim Ferris uses two simple techniques to boost testosterone:

  1. Short ice baths and/or cold showers: 10 minutes each, upon waking and right before bed
  2. Brazil nuts: 3 nuts upon waking (or with first meal, if using intermittent fasting) and 3 nuts before bed


6.5. Age is irrelevant

Do not use age as an excuse. Researchers here in Australia have revealed your testosterone levels don’t have to decrease as you get older. They can stay high even in your 60’s by following these tips.


So there you have it, 6.5 tips and facts about testosterone levels.


* Moobs = man boobs. Suffice to say these are not in fashion and never will be.


Your thoughts on this article?

What are you doing to optimize your test levels?


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