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The numero uno excuse.


As you’ve no doubt heard a thousand times before (because it is true) you have the same amount of time in a week that elite athletes, politicians and wasted rock stars have.


168 hours.


Kinda sounds like a lot. But it can quite easily be spent doing sweet-bugger-all.


The best time-management tool I’ve come is Parkinson’s Law. In short, it means this:


Any task will expand in (perceived) importance in relation to the time given for completed.


It’s the magic deadline. If I give you 24 hours to complete a task, guess what? You will magically pull it all together, most likely in the last several hours.


If I gave you three months for the same task, it becomes 2.5 months of procrastinating, followed by two weeks of hustle to meet the deadline.


The result is that a shorter deadline means greater quality and focus, and faster completion.


Could most tasks get completed in half of the time? You betcha. Which is why the task of setting short deadlines works – it lights a fire under your ass and gets you moving. So it leads me to today’s blog and the attached video (which I’ll get to)


Of course it applies to your workouts. When you give yourself 90 minutes to get to the gym, get changed, complete your workout, have the mandatory “how’s the weather?” chat at the water cooler and then head home, it will take 90-minutes.


Give yourself 60, and it will take right on 60 minutes.


The problem is, sometimes we actually do not have the time, or the equipment, to drive to the gym to complete a workout.


Enter, The 1,200 Second Sweat-A-Thon.


This workout kicked my ass. 20 minutes. Drowning in sweat. And absolutely shattered.


Here’s how it works. 4 exercises, back to back, for as many reps as you can complete in 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between sets, and 90 seconds between circuits.

  • Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees
  • Jump lunges


Trust me. It looks simple, but it is brutally hard.


A lot of people are quick to write off body weight training. They claim it’s great for kids, seniors, and maybe a warm up, but not really effective for fat loss or muscle building.


Don’t be so quick to judge – body weight workouts have been used bu gymnasts, military personnel and advanced body builder for decades.


Feel free to sub-out any exercises you would rather do. Don’t like mountain climbers? Perform 30 seconds of chin-ups. Hate lunges? Go for plyometric pushups instead.


Here is a video demo for y’all:



Found it helpful?

Think it’s good/bad/my calves are skinny?

Let me know in the comments below!


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