Don’t Be Mediocre – 30 Ways To Not Be Like Everyone Else


How do you begin your day? Is it the standard way?

Do you hit snooze a million times, take a warm cozy shower, sleep walk out of the house, stop at Starbucks for a gallon of coffee doused in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, genocides, and a low-fat bagel or bowl of cereal steeped in something similar but perhaps worse.

Then sit in traffic for an hour to work at a job you hate, whilst counting down to the weekend.

Or, does your look something like this:

You wake naturally and feel fresh. You have a cold shower, a big glass of water and maybe some apple cider vinegar, and then feel pumped to tackle your day and change the world?

What about your workout for the day?

Do you take the easy way out? Or do you focus on getting strong on the basics, like barbell and gymnastic exercises?

When it comes to cardio, do you choose to go for an easy walk in the “fat burning zone” or do you instead perform sprints, sled or boxing for until your heart is beating through your chest?

There’s always the option to take the easy way out. And that’s what the majority does every day… But you can choose to not be like everyone else, and take the road less travelled.

How? Here are 30 ways to start:

  1. Take cold showers
  2. Eliminate sugar
  3. Eat 5 serves of organic veggies per day
  4. Don’t piss away all your money trying to impress strangers
  5. Drink more water
  6. Use the ‘One Thing’ in all areas of your life.
  7. Forget the BS about eating 6 meals per day. Many of my clients get better results with 3 or 4 meals daily
  8. Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  9. Read above your level
  10. Stop switching training programs every ten seconds. Stick with something for 3-4 months
  11. Stop multitasking – become a master of focus
  12. Get 20 mins of sunlight daily
  13. Never allow yourself to get too fat. For guys, this is about 15%, for women, 25%
  14. This is a game changer
  15. Stop being afraid of mistakes. I used to be embarrassed by my past, now I know it’s my greatest teacher and part of my story
  16. Remember people’s names
  17. Be somebody that makes everybody feel good about themselves
  18. Use manners
  19. Be original!
  20. Cut your expenses in half
  21. Read: The Richest Man In Babylon
  22. Find a mentor
  23. Mentee up and comers in your industry for free
  24. Listen to music that inspires you
  25. Go on a news diet
  26. Change the way things are done. Disrupt your industry
  27. Stop daydreaming. There are seven days in the week… someday is not one of them
  28. Think bigger. Then, think bigger again
  29. Keep a journal 
  30. Master the basics of training. The black belt knows the same moves as the white belt, they are just performed with mastery.

There you have it – 30 ways to not be like everyone else. What would you add?