Energy Vampires


Some people boost their self worth from bringing everyone else down.

Anyone with a following will attract some type of negative feedback.

Whether that’s via online comments, abusive emails or gossip behind their back. People want to belittle and bring anyone down who has an opinion on just about any topic.

I call these people energy vampires. They literally suck you dry of all energy.


It reminds me of a great story from Bedros Keuillian about crabs.

The story is about a fisherman who had a bucket of crabs. When one was nearing the top and about to escape, the others would brutally claw him back down seconds before he found his freedom. The nature of the crabs guaranteed the fisherman was able to leave the bucket open.

These crabs had no chance in hell of escaping due to their vicious, deceitful attack on one another.

As humans we’re the same – we pull down anyone who is wanting to climb up for a better career, healthier body, or a kick arse lifestyle.

I remember reading a statistic that said more than 50% of Americans either dislike or strongly dislike Obama.

50% – that’s a lot considering he was just re-elected. If the most powerful man in the world (OK you might disagree, but he is up there) only has 50% of the people following him, the question has to be asked…

Does increased success in your endeavour result in increased jealousy and dislike?

Does it mean more abusive comments, more hate mail, more gossip?

Does it mean the higher you climb, the more hate you’ll receive?

Are the number of energy vampires in direct proportion to your success?

I have no understanding why these people continue to do this, nor do I give it much thought.

My YouTube channel and blog content is absolutely thriving at the moment. As a result, the vampires are out in full force.

What’s ironic is these energy vampires never leave an actual photo or return URL address, and instead prefer to hide behind the protection of their computer screen.

So my goal is to have MORE energy vampires in my life.

Bring on the abusive emails and negative comments in an attempt to detract me from my ultimate mission.

Up until now, I’ve always cringed at negative feedback.

Now I’m HUNGRY for more.

It’s simple….. if I’m not receiving negative feedback, then I’m not creating followers and affecting as many lives as I’d like to.

So for me to reach my goal to transform 1 million lives, I warmly welcome a few thousand haters along for the ride.

For every hater I attract, I can have faith there will be 1 or 2 followers who I can have a positive impact on.

More blood sucking vampires = more people I’m helping. This is bloody exciting (see what I did there?)


Pete “Vampire Killer” Tansley

  • Justin

    Pete, love your work and could not agree more!! Surround yourself with the positive and groom the relationships that take you further towards your goals. JT

  • Donna Perfect

    The Eagle will always soar above the Vultures.

  • pete

    Spot on Donna, great quote. Pete

  • pete

    Thanks JT! It’s so true that you become who you hang around, so definitely agree with surrounding yourself with only positive people.

    Glad you like it… Pete

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