Pete Tansley here,

Over the past 10 years or so I’ve been helping guys and girls transform their bodies. What started as a hobby, is now my full-time career as both a gym owner and the owner of PeteTansleyFitness.com

What I want to share with you today is two things…

  • 4 myths that are holding you back from your body transformation
  • One simple solution that will help you burn fat, build lean athletic muscle, and help you bust right out of any plateau you might be experiencing

But before I do just that, let me show you some of the clients I’ve worked with both offline and online the past decade.

Guys like Paul, who I’ve helped to drop fat and build muscle…

Paul went from 14-10% body fat fat in 6 weeks

Paul went from 14-10% body fat fat in 6 weeks

And then there was Scott. Who is now a lady killah and has changed his life…

Scott has lost over 14KG, has gained muscle, and has more energy!

Scott has lost over 14KG, has gained muscle, and has more energy!

And even da ladiez. Meet Mel. Mel overcame a few health issues and is now kicking ass in her business and life…

Mel has lost over 18KG's and 3 dress sizes

Mel has lost over 18KG’s and 3 dress sizes

In that time, I’ve heard a LOT of myths or ideas that people read about, or worse, hear about from the local ripped guy at the gym.

The problem with this myths is that people believe them to be gospel.

Hopefully today I can cut through the BS and clear them up for you. Here are the top 4 myths holding you back right now…

BS Myth #1 – You shouldn’t eat carbs at night

I’m sure you’ve heard that advice before.

Well it turns out it was dead wrong.

Eating carb’s at night can actually accelerate fat loss. What happens is it increases growth hormone, which means less body fat and more testosterone. It also results in an insulin spike, which leads to a tremendous anabolic response.

This helps you to build more muscle, whilst staying lean.

I’ve been prescribing carbs at night to both my fat loss and recomposition clients. It works for both parties; the recomp crew claim they’re able to train harder the next day, have much higher energy, and don’t feel a drop in strength.

For fat loss, the feedback I get is that there is something to look forward to during the day. They don’t have to come home to chicken and broccoli. Now they can enjoy rice, sweet potato, and fruit on training days and not feel guilty.

And the biggest benefit from both parties is improved sleep. Which is imperative to any goal ranging from world domination to losing 5kg.

Typically most diets will have a small portion of carb’s in the morning, and no carb’s at night.

This sucks.

I’ve tried having no carb’s at night, and all I got was insomnia and food cravings. By switching this around, your energy is high in the daytime, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

How To Structure Night Time Carb’s

For fat loss, include night-time carb’s in your training days only. I won’t get in to your daily macro’s, as it’s beyond the scope of this blog, however you may be eating anywhere from 50-150g of carb’s with dinner.

For recomp, you can be a little bit more liberal. On low-carb days, you can have up to 30-75g of carb’s with dinner. For training days, depending on your insulin sensitivity, your night-time allowance could be anywhere from 100-300g of carb’s.

Remember – the leaner you get, the better your insulin sensitivity, which means the more carb’s you can tolerate. You have to earn your carbs.


BS Myth #3 – Cardio is the best for fat loss

No matter what the goal, strength training needs to remain a constant.

Want to lose fat? Lift weights.

Want to get stronger? Lift weights.

Want a higher metabolism? Lift weights.

Want to lose body fat? Lift weights.

Want to look better? You guessed it, lift weights.

It must be a constant. The variables might be caloric intake, and which type of cardio you combine. However you should always be performing resistance training and should always be lifting heavy.

Will you need cardio for fat loss?

Most definitely.

But keep it high-intensity. There’s no need for long runs or, gasp, empty stomach cardio like many coaches advise.

Try doing weights first, and then performing HIIT style cardio either on alternate days, or after strength training.

BS Myth #4 – The only thing that matters are calories

I call bullshit.

Sure, calories matter. Especially if you’re trying to lose the final 5 kilograms /10 pounds.

But it’s not what you eat, it’s what you digest that matters.

Pretty simple.

So simple, that we often overlook our digestive system in favour of cool.

We want something more complicated, something “new” and improved, straight from the latest health or bodybuilding magazine.

It’s time you get back to basics.

Before I show you the HOW, I want to explain WHY your digestive system is so important.

  • Your macro’s are left behind. During the digestion process, stomach acid breaks down food  so that you can extract the required nutrients for proper structure and function (as in fat loss, and muscle growth.) Proteins will pass into the intestine and putrefy instead of being digested, and carb’s will be left to ferment without adequate enzymes from the pancreas. Not good. Putrefy = gas, bloating, bad breath and a host of other issues.
  • And so are the essential minerals. Zinc and calcium for example, both a vital partner in your war against fat, are left behind.
  • Your immune system is compromised. Digestion plays a huge role in killing pathogenic bacteria that enters the body via food, therefore helping your immune system. You’re also at a higher risk of food poisoning since you are missing your primary defense against bacterial organisms. Anything that takes energy away from your body functioning optimally, is going to impair your immune system and your ability to burn fat/build muscle.


We are all different and have varying levels of tolerance to certain foods, however the following 6 tips apply to everyone…

  1. Fast for a period every day. I recommend between 12-16 hours. Read this series here >>if blogs…
  2. Do NOT follow the bodybuilder type diet of 6 meals per day. This has ruined more digestive systems than I dare count, because people blindly follow advice from “sheep” trainers and the mainstream fitness magazines.
  3. Squeeze fresh lemon into a large glass of hot water 15-20 minutes before eating your main meal to naturally up  your levels of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) in the gut.
  4. Take probiotics daily.
  5. Eliminate pasteurised dairy, legumes, alcohol, grains and sugar.
  6. CHEW your food. I’m guilty of this. You also need to SLOW down and chew your food more. Try it. I recommend chewing 30-40 times per mouthful. I was shocked when someone told me this, I used to chew food 5 or 6 times if I were lucky icon wink Fix your digestive system Slow down, and enjoy the serenity. This will probably mean switching off the TV and FaceBook to just “be” when it comes to meal time.
  7. Eat less. Seriously. Stop bingeing so much and give your digestive system a rest.

Hope that helps! 

Any questions, just send me an email or comment over on my blog.