I love lists. So today I’ve compiled a list of 11 fat loss tips you can apply today. Now before I reveal my top 11, let’s get one thing straight.

If you KNOW something, it means you are doing it. It does not mean you have tried it for a day, or you’ve been thinking about starting one of these days.

Armchair quarterbacks do NOT get an opinion on which play to run!

So many people tell me, “Oh yeah, I know about [fat loss tip] already. What else ya got?”

However, these are generally the same people who have NEVER applied what they think they “know.” So unless you are DO’ing it consistently, you do know KNOW it.


OK, so moving on…

Here are my 11 tips to burn fat THIS week!

1. Sleep more

If you’re stuck with your fat loss, then sleep and cortisol are likely to be the reason. They are both related, and a lack of sleep is the quickest and surest way to have chronically elevated cortisol.

OK, so you can’t exactly sleep your way to abs (trust me, I’ve tried it). However long term sleep deprivation will guarantee you end up with…
• An inability to utilize growth hormone
• Severe sugar cravings
• Insulin resistance. Basically meaning you cannot handle carb’s at all, and they end up being stored as body fat
• Elevated blood glucose levels. This is NOT cool for fat loss.
• Less muscle. Chronically high cortisol will end up sacrificing your muscle tissue. Muscle = metabolism, so if your muscles are declining, then so too is your metabolism

Got it? I cannot emphasise this one enough. Sleep more and improve the quality to increase fat burning.

Also, get over the “Sleep is for the weak” mentality. I used to subscribe to this. I will always believe that hard work is the key to success in just about any field, however you can generally give up enough time wasting crap in your day to make time for the hard work that’s needed. Who cares if Donald Trump gets by with 3 hours sleep – YOU will perform better with more sleep.

2. Halve your caffeine intake.

So whatever you had last week, simply cut it back 50%. This pains me to write. Like, it actually hurts.

I’m a coffee addict. I could easily consume 5 or more double espresso’s daily. So for me to say you need to cut it down, you know I’m serious.

It will also help with point #1.

3. Control your cortisol

A few tips with this one.
• Take Vitamin C daily.
• Take 10-20 minutes daily to just “be”. This could be meditation, or even a part of yoga. Whatver it is, have no phone, no computer, and just sit for 10 minutes. Sound hokey pokey? Maybe. But it works.
• Try a herbal tea before bed time.
• Sleep better (See the pattern here?)

4. Take an ice bath

This point is inspired by the Four Hour Body (Highly recommended).

1-2 hours before bedtime, take an ice bath. This will help with hormone production, sleep quality, and recovery between workouts.

HINT: you will probably need to work up to this. Start with half a pack of ice for 5 minutes, and eventually build up to a full bag for 10-30 minutes.

5. Turn off the alarm

Go to bed early enough that you do not need an alarm clock. If you must be up by a certain time, then go to bed super early. This might sound like a repeat of point #1, and it sort of is.

Plus, there’s something relaxing and almost primitive about waking naturally. I did this for the first time all year a few days ago, and couldn’t believe how rested I felt.

6. Work harder

You are not working as hard you can in the gym. Bust your butt this week.

Go for P.B.’s, hire a trainer, find a training partner who is more experienced. Do what you can to increase the intensity.

7. Cut out all inflammatory foods

Soy, dairy, wheat, sugar, and alcohol. For some people, perhaps for you, these foods can be problematic. Do this for 14 days and notice the difference. (Refer to the “no armchair quarterbacks” before you get all up in my face over this one)

8. Foam roll. Every day

9. Start a gratitude journal

By simply writing 10+ things you are grateful for every day, your entire attitude will change. Better attitude = less cortisol and more happiness.

Cos who wants to be ripped and unhappy? Certainty not me.

10. Get some vitamin D

Aim for 10 minutes in the sun every day this week. You’ll not only look healthier, but it will improve your physiology. A great read on vitamin D here from Chris the Kiwi (http://www.athleticgreens.com/wp/vitamin-d-action-plan/) .

11. Re-read this list each morning, and schedule 3 action items each day

Remember positive thinking without positive action will leave you with… positively nothing.

Agree? Disagree? Keep me posted with your progress in the comments below!

Pete Tansley