You probably know by now that I’m the no-excuses guy. You either make progress, or excuses, but never both.


I simply will not accept any excuse from any client, no matter their situation. There’s always a way.


One thing you need to understand however is exercise should NEVER get easy.


If you’re following a good workout program, it will have you progressing over time. Either each week, or even fortnight, your volume should increase.


What I mean is that the reps, sets, or weights lifted should be progressively getting higher.


NEVER go week-to-week without changing something. That’s a surefire way to plateau, which means less motivation and the likelihood of dropping out if you do.


For me, exercise is a metaphor for life. Sure it gets hard, but what else are you going to do, QUIT!?


When life gets tough, you don’t quit or give in, you grit your teeth, dig your heels in, and fight like hell.


The same goes for your workouts! Stop wishing they were easy or that they didn’t challenge you.


They’re SUPPOSED to challenge you! That’s what build your character… Your resilience… Your strength.


Strength is not just the amount of weight you can lift. Strength is your character. Something that carries accros into your career, family, financial, and spiritual worlds.


Don’t wish your workouts or your life were EASIER, instead wish that you were STRONGER!


That’s the bottom line – it doesn’t get easy. You just improve.


Hope that helps with your fitness or fat-loss goals.


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