5 Things You Need To Know About Goal Setting


We all know that we should set goals for all areas of our life – health, career, finances, relationships. I’ve always been goal driven, and try to always review them to make sure I’m progressing.

In August this year I made a goal to do a 200kg deadlift. Not an overly impressive number in powerlifting circles, but for me, I was particularly weak and only lifting in the 120’s.

I set a deadline for December 15 – the day before I was due to leave to go away for Christmas.

My training was progressing fast – I was doing a lot of heavy sets with 2, 3 and 4 reps and worked out a really good program to get there in under 20 weeks.

Lesson 1: Never wing it with your training – always work off a structured program to get to your goals and keep an accurate workout journal

It’s amazing what happens when you set a deadline – you have way more focus, and you’ve now got something to aim for every workout.

About 5 weeks ago, Nicole and I set our wedding date for November 23rd, so I thought, “December is too far away – I’m going to go for it before the wedding!”

I went back to the drawing board… I tweaked my program, and made a plan to reach the 200kg mark by the 23rd of November.

Sometimes we can over think and over analyze things – but driving to work that morning I felt fresh and fired up to give 200kg a go. So I went for it.

Here’s the video…

Before you criticise my technique, I know it’s not the cleanest of reps – sticking point at the knees – but I managed to lock it out. I actually did it twice – the first time I forgot to film it so I had to repeat it!

I was stoked with the P.B. and the fact that I smashed my original deadline of December 15.

Lesson 2: Set a goal with a deadline, and then HALF the deadline. 

For example let’s say your goal is to lose 32kg’s by your birthday in August next year. That is 10 months away, which is achievable. Now let’s halve the deadline and move it 5 months away to March.

Now THAT is a goal that should both scare you and excite you at the same time.

Lesson 3: Set goals that scare you, and push you out of your comfort zone

When I ask clients what they want to work in with their health, they say things like, “I want to lose 20kg”, or “I want more energy” or “I want to see my abs”

Great goals, but there’s a problem with that. These are symptoms, or outcomes of the problem.

The problem with just setting an outcome goal is the change has to come from you. It’s the daily habits and choices that will get you to your outcome.

For example, if your goal is to earn an extra $50,000 per year, you can’t just pray and wish that it will happen. You have to change the habits: make more phone calls, go to additional courses, make more sales, become better at building relationships, learn how to hire and recruit better team members etc. etc.

Once you improve, everything else around you will improve. Ask yourself, “who will I have to become to achieve that goal?”

For my deadlift example, the person I had to become was simple: “I am a hard working athlete. I invest time in flexibility and mobility work. I only eat foods that will nourish and energise me. I will do the work and keep track of every rep so I can deadlift 200kg. I will take action every day toward my goal”

Lesson 4: You have to become the person first, then you will achieve the goal. And of course, you have to actually DO the work!

So there are now 6 weeks left of the working year for me. I have reset my fitness goals:

  • Perform 1 muscle up
  • Deadlift 205kg
  • 9% body fat

I will keep you posted with my progress here on the blog and on my FaceBook page.

Here is a muscle up if you haven’t seen one before:

POST your goals below to stay accountable! 

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