So I just got back from a trip to the health food store.

Nicole is getting some damn weird cravings in the latter stages of her pregnancy. She is one of the most disciplined people I know, so she’s keeping it clean and still having zero sugar or gluten.

One of the things she was craving was yoghurt. Whilst I’m not a fan of eating a lot of dairy, I’ll occasionally have a little bit of yoghurt or ice cream.

Although yoghurt can be healthy, most of the options were AWFUL in terms of their nutritional content. As demonstrated by my face, here:




99% of people I speak with still believe it’s a “health food” and it can be eaten all of the time. That’s not the case…

Take a look at the label from this popular “healthy version”:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 11.30.09 AM

It’s marketed as a healthy version. But if you look closer. It contains 31.2 grams of sugar and less than 11g of protein.

So the food companies have taken the fat out of the product, only to add in a whole bunch of fat-STORING ingredients!

So – what type of yoghurt did we end up choosing? We chose good ole plain Greek yoghurt. The Greeks sure got it right – less sugar, no crappy additives, good fats, and higher protein.

The sugars in the Greek-style yoghurt is simply the naturally occurring milk sugars.

Here are a few ways to sweeten your yoghurt if you need it:

  • Add in a handful organic berries
  • Add organic almonds
  • Sweeten it with some Splenda or Stevia if you need
  • Mix + enjoy!

This is a great go-to snack for mid-afternoon. Just remember to choose the right type, and NOT the popular “diet yoghurts” which are the best-sellers.

Remember – anything that says “low fat” has generally been pumped full of chemicals that will make your body tired and fatter. It’s the world’s biggest marketing scam.


Did you find this helpful?

What’s your fav yoghurt recipe? 

Talk to you in the comments… Pete