How I eat


A lot of people are always asking how I eat so I thought I’d share it here below…

I have no idea why. It’s really not excited, nor does it contain the latest 17 super foods that will quadruple your fat loss.

However I will go into it for you.

Ever since my fiancé was diagnosed with celiac disease, I’ve been eating 95% gluten free and have never felt better.

I’ve always been a pretty energetic guy, however since cutting out all dairy, gluten and wheat my energy levels are at an all-time high. A typical day for me starts early (around 4:30-5:00am) and I’m often on the go all day late.

My wife and I both stick to the “paleo” principles: dairy free, gluten free, sugar free.

Paleo basically means a caveman style diet, which removes all refined and processed crap from your diet. If it wasn’t around 20,000 years ago, I don’t eat it.

Paleo has been the buzz recently. But it’s not a fad – it’s how the caveman, the Flintstones and probably your great, great-grandmother used to eat.

So my shopping list each week includes plenty of real food such as:

  • Grass-fed beef
  • Free range eggs
  • Fresh green veg – spinach, kale, cucumbers, broccoli, rocket, celery
  • Root veggies – I love sweet potato and pumpkin
  • Seafood – wild Tasmanian salmon, fresh prawns, fresh white fish
  • Chicken breast, turkey and turkey mince
  • Kangaroo (one of the leanest sources of meat)
  • Plenty of good fats – avocado’s, natural peanut butter, extra virgin olive oil, almond butter, coconut oil
  • Coconut water
  • Herbs and spices
  • Black coffee pre-workout
  • Some supplements – BCAA’s to take during my workout,  whey or brown rice protein powder (normal whey upsets some peoples digestive system and is NOT worth it),
  • Vitamins/minerals – zinc, vitamin C, fish oils and some others
  • Greens drink – I like Vital Greens best, and have 1-2 serves daily
  • Organic fruits – mostly berries
  • Organic coffee – 1-2 per day. Always black – this is my vice!

So it’s pretty simple – if it wasn’t around 20,000 years ago, I don’t eat it.

I stick to this probably 90% of the time, and if I feel like something on the weekends that isn’t paleo, I’ll have it as a cheat meal.

This might be a meal out, where I’ll have some hot chips, or a pizza, and a dessert. I’ll drink maybe 1 glass of red or a scotch per week, and would only every drink more than that on a handful of occasions.

There are a lot of fitness guys out there who follow the “If it fits your macro’s” (IIFYM) approach to dieting – which basically says if you should be eating let’s say 2,000 calories per day, it doesn’t matter where they come from.

So if it gets to dinner time and you have 1,000 calories up your sleeve, you can eat a few snickers bars to get you over the line.

To me, that’s a shitty way of eating.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that if you nourish your body with quality foods, you are going to perform, look and feel better.

Sure I’ll occasionally stray from paleo foods – I love my beer and pizza too much not to – but I always feel the most energised when eating paleo style.

The foods are simple, taste great, and have a huge variety.

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  • Lynden Derrick

    Great eating lifestyle Pete. I’m not sure you need to add vitamins or mineral supplements though. You’ll be getting plenty in the foods you’re eating. I think you’re wasting your money with them. The “paleo” style diet is definitely the best! Glad to see you’re including some chocolate – hopefully the dark variety.

  • pete

    Thanks Lynden, of course it’s dark always the 85% type! With the EFA’s and Vit-C I’ve been supplementing with some mega doses and getting a good response. With today’s stress depleting our bodies, I feel some are needed, but it is always 99% diet and 1% supplements