How to Live to 100


This is going to sound obvious – but the healthier you are, the longer you can expect to live. If you’re in great shape, eat nutrient rich food, and go easy on binge drinking and smoking, it’s a given you will live longer.


But here are a few other tips you may not know…

1. Two cups of coffee will help

Coffee is high in antioxidants, and has some great research to suggest it can help prevent colon and skin cancers.


It can also help in fat-loss, so try having a cup of black coffee before your next workout.


2.    A good social circle will add years to your life

The saying “You become who you hang around” is true. Are you spending the majority of your time with negative, small-thinking people? Or are you spending it with optimists, those who are always bringing joy to your life, and making you laugh? You decide which one you would rather become.


3. Laugh every day



4. Saturated fat is your friend

We’ve been conditioned to believe sat-fat is the devil. It’s not. Saturated fat can actually be a good thing. 


5. Stress can shorten your lifespan

Cortisol is the nasty-little stress hormone. It gets released when you perform too much aerobic exercise, eat a poor diet or have too much external stressors in your life. Either remove the stress, or get better at managing it (Often as simple as changing your perception)


6. If you get your health advice from Today Tonight, you’re in trouble


7. You need to do some maintenance work on your body

Like you would service your car, you need to fix your body. You should be stretching at a minimum after each workout, if not daily. Throw in some foam rolling, a weekly/fortnightly/monthly massage (depending on your budget) and some training weeks where you drop the intensity.


8. Your body has a “use it or lose it” philosophy

This goes for strength, flexibility, and even brainpower. We don’t get old and slow down – we let our brains and muscles atrophy. I’ve seen guys in there 70’s who hit harder and lift more than guys half their age. Change your thinking.


9. This includes bone density

By doing strength training several times per week, you can keep your bone density high. Even as little as one strength workout per week has shown positive results.


10. You will not get more time as you age

I hate excuses. My #1 pet hate excuse is not having enough time. If world leaders can find time for 60 minute workout, surely you can? Turn off Facebook, don’t watch TV, and get it done early in the day. Make it a priority. My workouts are generally under 40 minutes.


11. When it comes to getting more done, say no

In order to say YES to what you want in life, learn to say NO now. Doing less is a key to a more productive and more successful life.


12. Magnesium is the anti-stress mineral.

It will help you sleep better, reduce fatigue, reduce body fat, absorb  calcium and increase testosterone. The majority of people are deficient.


13. Doing thousands of sit ups each day will not give you a strong core

The role of the core is to stabilize – so skip the crunches, and aim to build up your bridge/planking movements.


14. A little bit of alcohol will not kill you

But a lot will. If you need to drink every night, you’re an alcoholic. Go for quality over quantity and enjoy a glass a few of your favourite drinks 2-3 times per week.


15. If you want to feel more alive, eat more live foods

Stick to the perimeter of the shopping centre and avoid the confectionary and junk food aisles. Instead only choose food that will be out of date within a week or so.



  • Justin

    Pete, great tips once again. If nothing else you just have to read (and follow through on) this blog to get a great summary of “how to” live a along and productive life….. obviously the intent. Keep up the good work.

  • pete

    Thanks a heap JT… Appreciate it!

  • Lynden Derrick

    Quality beats quantity any day, in every part of your life!

  • Nadia

    Thanks Pete – a simple yet effective practical advice for all of us – great reminder too.

    I have to say there were 1-2 surprises in here for me like the story about coffee (shame I cant drink it) and the one on crunches.

    Thanks for sharing – I look forward to the next one.

  • pete

    Spot on Lynden

  • pete

    Thanks Nadia, glad you enjoyed it. Yes coffee is great, the problems exist when you start having more than 2, or add milk, sugars or sweeteners to it. I’d always recommend organic.