How To Stay Strong In 2013


Every January 1st you swear that “this year” will be different…


You wake up with passion. Full of ambition. Full of lofty goals and fire in the belly that gets you up at 5am.


And then the inevitable sets in. The 2012 habits that stalled your progress are back. Distractions take over. You get lazy. You become who you were again last year.


So how do we stop this? How do we stay driven and ambitious and ready for change?


To begin, make sure you don’t make these 5 mistakes I’ve seen so many people make. Most resolution failures are because of either one or a combination of these 5 mistakes are repeated over and over.


Mistake #1 – Focus only on OUTCOME goals

Without realizing it, the majority of the goals you set are only outcome goals.


Lose 5kg… Bench press 100KG… Do my first chin up…


They focus on the actual OUTCOME, the end result, and nothing else.  A much more powerful goal setting style is to focus on a PROCESS goal.


So let’s take the goal of doing your first chin up. What are the steps required? If you were to break it down, it might look something like this: fix my right shoulder, get a trainer to show me the correct technique, find a program to follow, head to the gym twice per week to work on chin ups, eat nourishing foods to energize my workout etc. etc.


So as apposed to focusing on ONLY the outcome – the chin up – you now have key steps that will get you there.


Every week, schedule 2-5 process goals that relate to the chin up. Lock them in the calendar/planner, and commit to achieving them.


Now you know exactly what you need to achieve each week to lead you to your outcome goal. Relate this to ANY goal you have – fitness, fat loss, business, finances, and relationships – to avoid overwhelm and to keep you on track.


Each month, review your progress and set new monthly process goals.


Mistake #2 – Fear change

Some say change is scary. You know what I think is scarier? Mediocrity.


Here’s how to look at fear:








Fear just a feeling, an emotion. Often we are afraid of change because we are stuck in old habits and we’re in our comfort zone.


What I love about witnessing client’s transformation is that at first, they are uncomfortable, they are out of their comfort zone and everything is new, scary and overwhelming.


However after a short while, their comfort zone expands. What was once scary is now normal, and their comfort zone expands. What happens next? They push outside it once again, and their comfort zone continues to expand.


Before they know it, they are a completely new person. New beliefs, new habits, and a new attitude.


So GET OUT of your comfort zone! Fail more, take more risks, try new things, and screw fear. Accept fear! I like to review each week, and if I wasn’t afraid of something or wasn’t failing enough, then I wasn’t out of my comfort zone. Being comfortable is the KEY to achieving, becoming and doing nothing special in life.


Mistake #3 – Saying, “I’ll try”

Commit to stop saying that you will “Try” to do something.


It is like the old story of the bacon and the eggs. One animal is committed, and the other is merely interested.


The chicken is only interested – she comes, lays her egg, and moves on. The pig however, she was COMMITTED! She had skin in the game, and payed the ultimate price.


Take a look at your goals – are you interested or committed? Are you the chicken or the pig? If you truly are committed, delete the word “try” from your vocabulary and only DO.


Mistake #4 – Use LOGICAL goals

Having goals is a must, but it’s only the first step.


You see most goals only work on logic – as in the outcome in numbers, figures, or data.


Now you must attach REASONS why you want to achieve the goal. Make it emotional. How will you feel if you hit that goal? How will you feel if you don’t hit the goal? Attach 5-10 reasons for each goal (and write them underneath the outcome and the process goals)


Mistake #5 – Never reviewing goals

Guess how many times most people review their goals each year?


Once – On New Year’s Day. Now imagine if you checked them more, even if it were just one more time each year. Do you think you would be more motivated if every July, you got out your goals again, reviewed your progress, and reset certain targets and benchmarks?


You betcha.


What if you did this 4 times per year. Or even once per month? The change would be obvious – more ambition, more passion, more results.


I recommend a weekly review. I block out half an hour or so once per week to review all of my goals. I look at what’s going well, what needs more of my focus, and what I can improve on.


I encourage you to do the same. Review your progress once per week and watch your life explode. I believe the main reason people fail with their resolutions is simple – they only review their goals every 12 months. Don’t be lazy with this – schedule the time, get out your goals, and track them weekly.



Fitness pro Chad Howse sums up my thoughts:


Fuck mediocrity. Take that tenacity into everything you do this year. Into every workout, every article, every day on the job, every fight, battle and war. Take that venomous hatred towards being average to every endeavor. Make it your enemy. Beat it to a pulp, to live legendary.”


Couldn’t agree more. Commit to greatness this year.


I want to hear from YOU. Do you agree? What would you add? Don’t be shy! Share your thoughts below…


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