How to survive BBQ season without getting fat


So I had two of my clients chatting yesterday about a BBQ they were at on the weekend… one said he managed to eat well and drink water, whilst the other said he over-ate, lost all control and had a 24-hour binge.


This is a common story this time of year – people want to look great for summer, but they also want to attend BBQ’s, have a few drinks, and down right enjoy themselves (It would be un-Australian not too, right?)


So here are my tips for staying lean this summer WITHOUT disowning your friends and being anti-social


1. Alcohol

Now I’m not like some other trainers that say to drink NO alcohol.


If you want to give it up entirely, that’s great, but don’t think you HAVE to if you want to stay lean. I used to think that you did, and you couldn’t enjoy any drinks if you were committed to your goals.


I still believe you can’t have big nights. I don’t completely cut out alcohol so it would be hypocritical for me to say that you need to. Where people go wrong is one drink with dinner quickly turns into tequila shots and kebabs at 3am in the morning.


Binge drinking will also increase estrogen in males – great if you want man boobs, but not great for fat loss.


With your drinks, go for quality over quantity. I would always rather have one glass of a good red, or a 30 year old scotch, rather than 6 crappy drinks.


Pre-Burn. Here’s my theory – if you KNOW there’s a big night coming up, you need to burn the extra calories BEFORE you consume them.


The morning of the BBQ, hit the gym hard. It’s always best on a weekend to get the workout in early in the day. Grab a few cups of strong coffee, or a pre-workout if that’s your thing, and get ready to work.


Try this full body workout:

A1) Back squats x 10

A2) TRX-pushups x 30

B1) Kettlebell swing x 15

B2) Bar dips x 15

C1) Barbell walking lunge x 20

C2) Pullup – max reps


Perform 3 rounds of each superset, and keep rests between sets under 60 seconds.


Then go home, consume your post-workout shake and a healthy meal, and then get ready for the night ahead.


When drinking and trying to lose fat, calories matter. The day of the BBQ, drop calories in your meals by 25-30%. Just have smaller meals, to compensate on the calories from drinking later on in the day.


2. The BBQ

So what do you actually do when you get to the BBQ?

  • Go one for one – one alcoholic drink, one water.
  • Choose to drive. Man up and say that you’re driving. People may try to convince you to drink more, but stick to your guns.
  • Stick to meat and salad. You can’t go too wrong with this rule. If there’s a choice, stick to unprocessed quality meats like chicken breast or grass-fed beef. If someone else is organizing the meals, just choose the best option
  • Then load your plate with veggies… after the protein fill up on plenty of greens. Green veggies are one of the SECRETS for feeling full and keeping your metabolism high
  • Watch the sauce. Commercial sauces contain a ton of hidden sugars and sweeteners. The best options are balsamic vinegar for dressing, and mustard or salsa for your meats. If it’s a BBQ where you need to bring a plate or dish, a homemade salsa will be a big hit.
  • Off limits: all bread, pasta and pasta salads, creamy sauces, mayonnaise, margarine, more than 2 drinks.


3. The Next Day…

Hopefully by reading the above tips you WON’T have a hangover… but if you do, here are my best remedies…


  • Water is key. Upon waking, consume 1.5L of water. Skull it, get hydrated as soon as you can. After a big night out your body is severely dehydrated and is crying out for water. After the first 1.5L, consume another 1.5L within 90 minutes.
  • Fast. Skip breakfast and lunch and simply work on hydration. Drink some green tea or black coffee if you like, but the goal here is to give your digestive system a break and let it process the alcohol. Aim for 4-5L of water.
  • You will not “lose muscle” doing this – fasting has been shown to increase growth hormone and help your digestive system. Have a normal sized dinner meal and then back on track the following day.


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