Is This The Biggest Issue With Women’s Fat Loss?


Weight loss can be summed up in four words:

Eat less, move more.

This is the basis behind many weight loss program or beliefs, the most famous being Weight Watchers and the more recent IIFYM trend. But this overly simplified view on human physiology and fat loss leaves a lot of stones unturned.

One of them is hormone management, and in particular, estrogen management.

What if I were to say that dropping calories further, or even increasing your exercise, would have ZERO impact on your fat loss?

If you’re estrogen dominant, this may well be the case…

First, let’s review the role of estrogen and how one becomes estrogen dominant.

Estrogen Overview

Estrogen is the name of a group of hormones responsible for the function of the uterus. It ensure the sec organs can become full sized, and prepared the uterine lining to receive an egg.

But estrogen is much more than that; it also affects skeletal growth, skin health, fat and protein deposition, and even hydration levels. Men also produce estrogen (although in smaller amounts) however they too can suffer from estrogen dominance.

What Is Estrogen Dominance?


ED is caused by too much estrogen, too little progesterone, or a combination of both.

The symptoms can vary between clients. They may include increased breast tissue (gynectomastia) in males. Females may experience swelling and tenderness of the breasts, stomach cramps, backaches, bloating, migraines, sugar cravings, anxiety or irritability, depression, sleep issues, decreased libido and a sluggish brain.

It is also very common for females to store the majority of body fat in their lower body when they are estrogen dominant [think of the classic “pear shape” or somebody you may know with lean arms and stomach, and fattier legs.]

In my experience, many of these women spend the majority of their time performing long, continuous cardio such as running or aerobics, and are often frustrated that their lower body is not losing fat.

Why Does It Happen?

The causes of ED are as varied as the symptoms. However, the main culprits are:

  • Birth control pills
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Environmental issues [xenoestrogens and obesogens]
  • Insulin resistance
  • Inflammation
  • Progesterone insufficiency
  • Candida
  • Carrying excess weight
  • Hormone issues

ED may be revealed through caliper skin fold measurements from a qualified BioPrint practitioner such as myself.

BioPrint, a system developed by Charles Poliquin is based on scientific evidence that where people store their body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile.

Body fat levels and corresponding imbalanced hormones can be effectively managed through a combination of clean eating, exercise, a targeted supplementation protocol, and lifestyle modifications.

How Do I Resolve Estrogen Dominance?

Consider these tips to avoid estrogen dominance:

  • Avoid non-organic foods and commercially fed animal protein, pesticides, plastic bottles, chemical laden cosmetics and commercial cleaning products
  • Avoid processed carbs, pasteurized dairy and all soy and corn products
  • Avoid GMO’s, trans fats, HFCS and vegetable oils
  • Be kind to your digestive system and liver
  • Take probiotics and sauerkraut – look after your gut
  • Ladies – lift weights! This will increase other hormones to balance out the ED and will NOT make you bulky.
  • Ask your GP for a blood test and ask to be checked for Vitamin D-3, RBC magnesium, RBC zinc, essential fatty acids and insulin

What About Exercise?

The solution for estrogen dominance and decreased testosterone in interval training and structured strength training.

Train 3-4 times per week [5-6 if you have been training for more than two years] and combine structured strength training in a gym with a trainer with high-intensity interval training. Do not perform continuous “cardio” if your goals are fat loss and you have estrogen dominance.