Kitchen Makeover


For fat loss, and even for muscle gain, there’s one golden nutrition rule:

If it’s in your house, it will get eaten. 

SRSLY. It’s a fact. Even the most disciplined clients I’ve trained have their days of weakness, where the box of Tim Tams is suddenly empty and they find themselves drooling in a carb-coma.

So while we will all get cravings, if it’s not available in times of weakness then it’s hard to break the diet.

Here are the 3 items I make sure I never have in the kitchen. Hopefully with my 3 – plus your comments, we can come up with a list of stuff we should never have .

1. Tomato Sauce

Commercial sauces might taste great, but they don’t help in your bid for a kick arse body.

The #1 ingredient in all commercial sauces is sugar. Sugar is the devil, so it needs to be avoided either side of your cheat meal. Try this relish instead.

Tomato Relish

  • 16 cherry tomatoes, chopped
  • ½ fresh coconut, shaved
  • Small handful of basil, chopped
  • 1 large cucumber, chopped
  • 1 TBSP olive oil
  • Sea salt, pepper
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1 finely chopped red chilli

Simply combine everything and toss. The chilli is optional, but it does add some bang. I don’t normally measure these ingredients exactly – one tablespoon of olive oil is about one decent “glug” out of the bottle.

2. Peanut Butter

Like our friends over at Four n Twenty with their tomato sauce, commercial peanut butters tend to have less and less peanuts, and more additives.

Which is nuts, right? (See that? I’m a fan of puns, so feel free to laugh now)

Your nut butters should have one ingredient – nuts. I personally prefer almond butter over peanut butter. For one, peanuts are a high allergenic food. Plus they’re a part of the legume family, as my purist Paleo readers would point out.

Tip: store your nut butters in the fridge, upside down. That way the oils won’t separate.

3. Rennet

Not to be mistaken with Tony Bennet – which should also be banned from the kitchen – rennet is a little-known nasty that is found in most cheeses.

Although it sounds innocent enough, rennet is made from the digestive juices of slaughtered cows. A lot of vegetarians eat cheese thinking it is free from animal products.

You can find cheese that is rennet free. So if you’re aiming for a plant based diet, ask at your deli or grocer for rennet-free varieties.


What are your makeover items? I want to know what you keep out of the kitchen to stay on track with your goals. Lets get these comments rocking to 20 or more and let’s get 30+ FaceBook likes. 


  • I used to keep protein bars in the cupboard for those times when I wasn’t prepared. Most protein bars are loaded with crap, so they’re all gone now! Best alternative is a whey powder shake and a handful of nuts when I’m on the go 🙂

    • Pete Tansley

      Absolutely. They’re virtually mars bars with protein powders.

      Great tip Nick, thanks.