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From: Pete Tansley

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Pete Tansley.

I’m a nationally certified personal trainer and I’ve personally performed over 25,000 personal training sessions. You might have heard or seen me in local advertisements, news TV programs or even national newspapers.

This 6-week program has been fine-tuned after 10 years in the industry helping people just like you reach their goals.

But it’s really not for everybody… It is only for people who are COMMITTED to getting great results in just 6 weeks.

Let me explain the type of people we accept on the program…

  • ACTION takers. That means they stop talking, wishing, and dreaming about changing their body and they actually do something about it.
  • People who have a NO-EXCUSES attitude. If you are going to blame your genetics, blame the weather, or blame your trainer for your lack of results, this is NOT for you.  We only want people who take full responsibility and won’t make lame excuses.
  • People who want to lose 5-15KG of body fat in as little as six weeks.

Is this you??

Then today is your lucky day, because my Lean In 6 program is now open for applications. Lean In 6 is MORE than a fat loss program, it is a LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM and now is the time for you to make a change.

For the past 10 years, my team and I have been transforming our clients lives. In fact, in 2012 alone we have helped our clients shed more than 1.4 TONNE of ugly body fat.

This may sound like I’m bragging, or that I’ve made it up to impress you. I don’t blame you for being skeptical, I would be too, so rather than TELL you about it, I’m just going to SHOW you the proof.

Here Are Some Real World Results

Paul went from 19%-10% body fat!

Jenn has lost 20.4KG’s, over 70cm, and ran her first half-marathon!

Scott has lost over 14KG, has gained muscle, and has more energy!

Aaron has lost 22KG and has COMPLETELY reshaped his body!

Jodi lost 7.9KG and gained muscle!

Justin has lost 26KG, gained muscle, and now loves exercise!

Mel has lost 11KG and has gained muscle!

This is the complete 6-week Transformation Program . No BS, no gimmicks, just a proven system to follow and a great team of experienced personal trainers to keep you accountable.

Here’s what you will discover in the LEANin6 system:

  • How to lose 6-15kg of fat
  • How to shed ugly body fat from your stomach, legs and arms
  • How to double your energy
  • How to throw away the DIET forever and eat carb’s to lose fat (Never go hungry again)
  • How to still enjoy your favourite foods
  • How easy it is to achieve your goals with less than 90 minutes of exercise per week
  • Why your current diet plan is turning you into a fat STORING machine!

The LEANin6 Program includes:

  • 2 x Semi-Private personal training sessions each week
  • 2 x Group Fat Loss sessions each week
  • 24-7 gym access 
  • The LEANin6 Nutrition Plan (Say goodbye to cravings, and be prepared to eat more than you ever have all while dropping fat)
  • The LEANin6 Detox plan
  • The LEANin6 Recipe Guide
  • Customised Strength Training Program (Created by Pete Tansley)
  • LEANin6 Warm-up tasks to ensure you are 100% ready for day 1
  • LEANin6 Home Workout Program
  • LEANin6 Supplement and Vitamin Guide
  • 24/7 E-mail and text support 
  • LEANin6 Success Journal
  • 10% Off ALL Priority 1 Fitness Supplements during LEANin6

I also have clients telling me how amazing they are feeling all of the time, and I ask them to send me messages to keep me updated. Here are some recent examples…

Just imagine…

A program that takes all the guess work out of fat loss, a nutrition guide to follow, and a supportive community to help you out. The community is a real strength of P1, and it is like a family that will support you and motivate you. Everybody on the LEANin6 program will have an entire support team behind them.

All workouts are held at Priority 1 Fitness. 

You will have FULL 24/7 ACCESS To Priority 1 Fitness for the whole 6 weeks. You do your Fat-Loss Circuits with Pete, plus your personal training sessions and gym workouts all at P1 gym in Burleigh Heads.

LEANin6 Fat Loss Circuits will take place onWednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

The times are:

Wednesday: 6:30-7:15pm

Saturday: 7:00am-7:45am

All sessions are 45 minutes (Trust me – 45 minutes is more than enough time!)

How Much Does the LEANin6 Program Cost?

The regular price for the Lean In 6 Program is well over $1,000, but we are offering it for a low price of only two payments of $249.50.

Here’s what it would cost if you purchased the items individually…

  • LEANin6 Transformation Guide (RRP $66)
  • LEANin6 Nutrition Guide (RRP $66)
  • LEANin6 Recipe Guide (RRP $39)
  • 12 x personal training sessions with your P1Fitness Coach (Todd, Simon or Dan) (RRP $360)
  • 12 x LEANin6 Group Workouts with Pete (RRP $3,600 – Pete normally charges $200 per hour for private training)
  • 6-weeks unlimited gym training at Priority 1 Fitness (RRP $83)
  • 6 x accountability weigh in’s (RRP $60)
  • Pre and post fitness assessments (RRP $40)
  • Private forum access with 24/7 support from (RRP $49)
  • Weekly email tips, educational seminars and much more…
Combined total ———> $4,363
You get it for ——–> only two payments of $249.50!!

But WAIT… You need to apply before you can begin.

You will be redirected to the LEANin6 application page, where you will need to complete and return the application form. If you are successful and are invited onto the program, we will get you all dialled in and ready for the LEANin6 Program right away.

You have nothing to lose. 

I’m so confident you that my team and I can transform your body, that your results are 100% guaranteed! If you don’t get results in the first 6 weeks, or if you’re not completely happy with everything that is included, I will give you a 100% refund – no questions asked.


When does it start?

Lean In 6 kicks off on Saturday June 15th. The program runs until Saturday July 27th.

If you have any questions call Priority 1 Fitness on (07) 55 763 444

Train hard and expect success,

Pete Tansley

Body Transformation Expert

Creator, LEANin6

P.S. There is ZERO risk for you at all to try LEANin6. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the program in 6 weeks, let me know and I will refund your program. LEANin6 has already been tried and tested by hundreds of local residents, and I promise it will work for you too!

P.P.S. There is only one small catch to this – we only have limited places available, and I guarantee this program will sell out as it is the prime time of the year for people to achieve their New Year resolutions. Apply now so you don’t miss out on this round…