Look Awesome In 10 Minutes


So you’re still doing 30 minutes of cardio to burn fat, huh? 

If you are, then it’s time to STOP and change your workout style.

It goes without saying that you can’t out train a crappy diet. You need to watch your calories and choose nourishing foods. Some intermittent fasting will help as well.

Now cardio machines can serve a purpose. However for most people, there are faster and more effective ways to burn fat and boost your cardiovasvcular fitness.

To give you just an idea, here’s a 10-minute fat shredder of a workout for you that my buddy Jason Klein designed.

Here’s how it’s done (No equipment needed):


It’s a dead simple challenge you can literally do anywhere, anytime.

Here’s how to do it for yourself:

  • Multi-direction lunge, 12/side
  • Jumping jacks plus, 25 seconds
  • Scissor kicks, 25/side
  • Jumping jacks plus, 25 seconds
  • Fist-roll pushup, 25 reps
  • Jumping jacks plus, 25 seconds
  • Butterflies (Step-overs) 25/side
  • Oblique blaster, 25/side
  • Jumping jacks plus, 25 seconds

Try it out for yourself, and see if you can keep it under 10 minutes.


PS You can check out Jason’s entire body weight only training system HERE