My 20/10 Training System


I’m writing this from 40,000 ft over the Pacific Ocean…


I thought if I couldn’t get at least one article out in a 13-hour flight I should be worried, right? 🙂


My legs are cramping, back is sore, and all I want to do is workout! When I get home I will definitely crank out a foam rolling session and quick workout to loosen up.


When it comes to workouts at home, the options are unlimited.


Seriously, there are so many exercises you can do.


Sure, it’s hard to load up a barbell to go for a new 1-RM. But it is DEFINITELY possible to create challenging workouts that will build strength, melt away body fat and of course build some mental toughness.


One of my favourite ways to structure my workouts at home are simply this – the 20/10 system.


How does it work?


If you’re like me and a little simple, you will love this workout 😉


Pick any exercise. Just make sure it’s one that uses lots of energy and lots of muscles at a time (such as burpees, walking lunges, pushups etc)


Let’s say you choose burpees. You perform as many reps as you can in 20 seconds, and then rest for just 10 seconds. Do it for anywhere from 5-10 consecutive rounds, before resting 30 seconds and changing exercises. It’s what us fitness geeks called “Tabata Training”


You can use a clock, or even set up a timer which beeps every 20 and 10 seconds.


My workout this morning in the hotel room was:

  • Hand-release burpees x 8 rounds, 60 seconds rest. Then,
  • Jumping lunges x 8 rounds, 60 seconds rest. Then,
  • Hand-release pushups x 8 rounds, 60 seconds rest. Then,
  • Half-burpees x 8 rounds, 60 seconds rest. Done.


As simple as this looks it was BRUTAL! 20 minutes and I was absolutely cooked.


You can’t just meander through each set – You have to go hard, and really push yourself!


Count your reps every round, and then try to better your score each time. After 4 or 5 rounds fatigue will kick in, and you have to fight hard so as not to drop off.


I love going back to old-school body weight training right now and not having to rely on any high tech cardio machines for a workout.


You can try my exercises, or just use your own.


Just make sure you choose a compound exercise over an isolation exercise. What I mean is choose a SQUAT over a bicep curl, or a lunge over a lateral raise. Choose something that uses multiple muscle groups for the best fat-loss and conditioning response.


Do not say you can’t do workouts at home! Try the 20/10 and let me know how it goes… I guarantee you’ll be dripping in sweat after minutes.


OK, time to try get some zzz’s…


Yours in health,



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  • A great idea for my Sunday morning wake up! Thanks 🙂

    • pete

      Thanks HP! Hope you crushed it. Pete