I am really pumped today!

Nothing gets me going more than seeing people reach their potential and achieve their goals. I feel we are all destined for greatness, BUT often it takes somebody to believe in them so that they can believe in themselves. 

Unfortunately, most people do not believe in themselves and they doubt they can achieve greatness. My job as a trainer / coach is to change that with my clients. To make them believe. 

The following is a rant / article about the right mindset needed for success.

WARNING: Bad language. If you’re easily offended, do not go on… This is something I am so passionate about so excuse the expletives…

When it comes to success, you’ve got to have NFE!


I often talk about this here on my blog and on my Facebook page, and a lot of people have been emailing me to ask exactly what it means.


NFE is an attitude, and it relates to everything I do in business, training, and all areas of my life.


NFE stands for No Fucking Excuses.


It means going hard in all aspects of life. It means doing the little things. It means doing what’s right when no one is around to see.


To succeed in ANY area of life, you must be willing to do the things that 99% of people just aren’t willing to do.


Now let’s get one thing straight about me – I am NOT some optimist who says that things will never go wrong. I’m the opposite – I say EXPECT them to go wrong. From time to time shit will hit the fan.


Relationships WILL break down…


You WILL have financial pressure or work stress…


You WILL get tired and have bad days…


People you love and trust WILL rip you off, gossip about you or steal from you…


But you CANNOT let these speed bumps stop you. You’ve got to be willing to walk through walls if you want something bad enough.


And if you’ve walked through one wall, and someone puts up five more, you keep powering through them, not stopping, not whingeing, and definitely with the NFE attitude!


When you adopt and apply the NFE attitude you become 100% responsible and take complete ownership over the outcome.


The moment you truly decide to accept 100% ownership of your health, life, and happiness… The moment you stop blaming others, the moment you give up the victim stories, the moment you stop making excuses, is the moment things start to change.


Unfortunately we’re programmed to do the opposite.


Not healthy? Well that’s my parent’s fault…


Crappy job? That’s the screwed up economy… 


Not happy? That’s the people I have to deal with every day… You think you’ve had a crappy day!? Let me tell you about mine…!


You probably know somebody who says stuff like this all of the time.


(You might even see them in the mirror every day and know them intimately!?)


I know I certainly used to.


The problem with this is it gives the power to something or to somebody else. It means we really have no control over what happens.


One of my favourite quotes is this:


“You can have excuses or results – but never both” 


So from today onwards, commit to dropping the excuses and the “reasons” why it can’t happen. Become a “no-excuses” person and watch your health (and life) explode.


Remember – apply the NFE attitude to EVERYTHING that you do and watch your life take off!


Feel free to drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts. STOP BEING shy and quiet and let’s connect!

  • Wendy

    Hi Peter NFE I love it have to go for that mindset. Would like to meet up with you to get a plan. Leah and I have done one training session so where do we go from here?? Thanks for the phone call yesterday.