Pete, I’ve lost motivation, help!


Question of the week goes to Christie, who wrote…

Pete – love your blog and emails. Quick question – I’ve lost motivation to exercise and to go to the gym. I was in a really good routine and now I’ve lost it. What can I do or change to help me gain my motivation again for the summer months?

Great question, and I hear this one quite a lot.

A few things –

Firstly, I say FU%K motivation! No seriously, it’s overrated.

Why? Because it’s temporary. You have got to condition yourself to exercise IN SPITE of lacking motivation, IN SPITE of not feeling like it, and IN SPITE of the fact you’re glued to the couch watching Sons Of Anarchy.

Think of it like brushing your teeth. Even when you get home late after a big day, you just do it and brush your teeth. You don’t need to ‘get motivated’ to brush them by watching YouTube clips, playing Eye of the Tiger and reading affirmations… You just DO IT!

So the first thing is to have a Just Do It attitude, or as I like to say a JFDI attitude (You can figure that one out)

Secondly, to help with the JFDI mentality, learn to switch your brain off. Remove yourself from the emotions that are stopping you. Boredom, loneliness, laziness.. They are all emotions and a state you are in, so learn to act in SPITE of your emotions.

Thirdly, get a plan. When you have a step by step plan to follow, there’s no distractions. Most people try to wing it in the gym, or train instinctively (like the fitness mags tell them to). This is a recipe for disaster… Or at least a recipe for a bigger muffin top and tuckshop arms for Christie…

When you have a step by step plan, there are no shortcuts. The days when you are not 100%, it doesn’t matter – you simply turn up, follow the plan, and execute it.

Fourth, find something to enter. A fun run, body building comp, Tough Mudder event.. Something that forces you to commit and to see if through. When you find the comp, register and pay in full so you cannot back out. Even try to find one that is interstate, so that you have to pay and book accomodation and flights in advance.

Remember the greater the cost, generally speaking, is the more value you place on something. So if you’ve invested heavily, there is less chance you will back out compared to the free event 5-minutes from home.

Christie I hope that helps…

Keep your questions coming and I’ll answer the best ones right here on the blog.

Stay healthy,

Pete Tansley


  • Justin

    Great comments again Pete. Thought you missed a critical element, commit to train with someone else. It’s much easier to let yourself down but we find it harder (maybe more confronting) to let someone else down. So organise to train with a partner, friend or personal trainer regularly. Just one other comment is to change it up regularly, do something different every day so you don’t get bored.

  • pete

    Thanks JT. Great points, especially about the partner, and you’re a testament to that working with either Si or a training partner. Thanks bud…

  • Good post Pete! Thanks mate.

    • pete

      Thanks Corne! PT