Pete’s Picks – The Best Articles & Videos Of The Week: 24/01/2016


I hope you’ve had a ripper week. It’s about to get better as I share ‘Pete’s Picks’

Each week, I’m going to share a post where I link a bunch of the best material for you to view. I’ll devote it to articles, videos, podcasts and even Insty posts that are worth looking at.

Hopefully they keep you busy whilst you pretend to work, or on your phone in the can.

With that out of the way, here are the best from this week:

New on my blog:

In case you missed it, I wrote my first blog in almost a year here: 6 Lessons for Body Transformations 

Now for the rest. Enjoy!

No food is healthy, not even kale, by Michael Ruhlman 

German Hang Tutuorial, by Ryan Hurst

Studies that may surprise you, volume 4 by Sean Hyson 

Growing glutes without growing the legs, by Bret Contreas 

Chest over the bar on RDL’s, by Mike Robertson 

You can’t trust what you read about nutrition, by Christine Aschwanden 

How to stop feeling guilty about food, by Mark Ottobre

An open letter to your excuses, by Jason Ferruggia 

The best and worst training scenes in movie history, by Lou Schuler 

The new rules of protein, by Raechel Schultz 

The four best ways to lunge, by Dr John Rusin 

Are raw vegetables more nutritious than cooked vegetables? By Mike Roussell 

The science of genetic inheritance is weirder than we thought, by Bec Crew 

The problem with mental toughness, by Jesse Irizarry 

One dietary intervention to encourage fat loss, by Luke Sharp 

Society Trap, by Keegan Smith