Thank you for your suggestions!

The results are in from the P1 Fitness survey.

If you haven’t yet completed yours, and would like a say in what we do, simply go here =)

Question 1 – For you to bring your friends, family or work-mates along for a free workout, what would be the best “bribe” for you?



Question 2 – IMAGINE THIS… You are the new owner of P1, and you have $10,000,000 [said in your best Austin Powers impersonation] cash to invest in the business. What would you do? Who would you fire? Who would you hire? What would you change? What would you add? Think BIG… There’s no idea too crazy…

Some very funny suggestions here!

Sorry… pole dancers after 9pm is not quite our niche, for those who suggested it 😉

Here were the most common suggestions:

  • More social and fun events – rock climbing, parties, lawn bowls etc.
  • More seminars on fat loss, mindset, nutrition
  • Improved “cosmetics” of the gym
  • More charity workouts / bootcamps
  • Improved accountability – compulsory monthly check ins, body fat tests with callipers or machines

Question 3 – If we were to offer 2 or 3 night retreats [they would include seminars, meals, fun activities, workouts] what would you like to see included?

The feedback was a resounding YES to hold more of these events!

Some of the common suggestions included:

  • Gold Coast Hinterland location
  • Include massages, yoga, and down time
  • Include seminars that cover mindset, exercise, nutrition, supplements and AMAZING food

Question 4 – Would you consider paying a small fee – say $10-15 per week – to have a post workout protein shake included after every PT session?

Another big fat YES for this one, from both the guys and gals.



Question 5 – For a higher fee, would you be interested in a “gold class” training service? It would be a comprehensive option, and it could potentially include massage, body fat testing, personal training, seminars, retreats, and more?

Another resounding YES for this question. It seems there are lots of P1’ers who would like to “fly first class” when it comes to their health and fitness.

Once again - thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

We will work hard to make these changes for you to create a better P1 =)