This weeks Q&A’s – 15/10/12


I get a lot of questions left here on my blog and via my Facebook page, so I’ll answer them here for everyone to benefit from.

If you like this Q and A thing then let me know and I’ll post it up a few times per month.

Q: Hi Pete: I’ve attached my training diary so far. As you can see, everything is improving really well except for the military press. I’ve been pushing hard for 2 weeks, but no improvement. I’m happy to keep going but I’m a bit confused why this particular one is not improving at all. Any ideas??

Thanks, and have a great weekend. Lynden.

A: Hi Lynden, good work with the record keeping. I wouldn’t be too worried. I find some clients take 2-4 months for some exercises to progress. For me, the two exercises I really struggle with are handstand pushups and chin ups.

In saying that here are a few tips for the Military press:

  • Clench your entire body from your toes to your neck (“radial tension” occurs and creates more power), 
  • You want “white knuckles” on the bar meaning you are gripping very tight, 
  • On your final set try using your legs 5-10% to help initiate the move. If I catch you in there next time I can review the technique for the press. 

Keep it up! PT


Q: I’ve heard coconut oil is bad for your ticker! Pete is this true?

A: No – that is complete B.S. I wrote an article on fats and how the “myth” of saturated fats came to be. You can check it out here. Pete


Q: Pete, I’ve been training for ages and I just can’t get any bigger and stronger. Do I need more protein shakes? Help!

A: What do you deadlift? What do you squat? How many consecutive pullups can you do with perfect form?

These three exercises are KEY if you want to get bigger and stronger. Aim for 2 x body weight deadlift (no straps), 1.5 x bodyweight barbell squat with full depth, and a minimum of 10 consecutive pull-ups.

Do NOT waste time doing bicep curls, or tricep pulldowns, until you can hit these targets. 

If you keep working out let’s say 3 times per week, your split may look something like this:

  • Monday – 5 x 5 deadlifts, 3 sets of pull-ups (stop just short of failure each set), barbell high pulls, some assistance shoulder/prehab work.
  • Wednesday – Upper body – push. Focus on bench, military press, maybe some handstand pushups. Throw a few quick sets of arms at the end if time permits, along with some plank and side planks.
  • Friday – 5 x 5 barbell squats, dumbbell step ups, barbell glut raise/bridging. Work on mobility work so you can get the required depth with your squats.

As for eating more protein, as long as you are consuming 1.5-2g protein / kg of body weight you are getting enough. If you have most of your meals with a quality protein source – grass fed beef, eggs, chicken breast, salmon – and a shake if needed post workout, you will easily be getting enough. 

No supplements work unless you do! So do the work and get those big 3 lifts up. Pete