Real Gyms


Every day there’s more and more “fitness centres” opening. You know the ones – Shiny new equipment, pumping techno music, and memberships for $5 or $6 per week.

It’s a far cry from the first gym I visited as a kid.

It was loud.

The atmoshpere, electric.

Everywhere I looked the members were squatting, deadlifting, performing real pull ups.

There were a group of athletes doing sets of 20 rep pull-ups with weight added.

From the moment I walked in I was like a deer in the headlights; paralyzed with fear, yet in complete awe.

Men boasted Roman Solider physiques, with bodies forged by years of hard training.

Women were strong and confident in stature, whilst still embracing their femininity.

Pearl Jam was blaring from the speakers.

People moved with respect for one another, but with a real sense of urgency. They didn’t waste time between sets, and they definitely weren’t on their iPhones wathcing YouTube.

Everyone was there with one goal in mind – to build a strong, lean and healthy body.

Mike Mentzer - great body, even greater tache

Mike Mentzer – great body, even greater tache

I later met some of the nicest people in that same gym. A mix of college students, lawyers, tradesmen, retirees, mothers.

The equipment was what you would expect 15 years ago: Worn in, paint chipping away, real equipment that looked like it was 50 years old.

Pull up bars, barbells, ropes, and dumbbells.

There was not an elliptical machine or an inner thigh machine in sight.

There wasn’t even a treadmill – for cardio the athletes were punching the heavy bag or using the jump rope.

These were the gyms where people worked out, and not just exercised.

BIG difference between the two.

The former is following an introductory workout. The latter is pushing for PB’s, chasing improvement, pursuing greatness.

What’s missing today are REAL gyms.

Gyms that encourage dead lifts and squats, and not ban then.

Gyms that treat you like family.

Gyms that cheer and applaud their members when they achieve a new PB.

It's all about convenience, right…?

It’s all about convenience, right…?

I bloody love walking into my gym and hearing the clanging weights, the grunts from my clients going for PB’s, and the smiles on their faces when they achieve their goals.

That’s how you truly transform bodies – by pursuing goals, by lifting heavy weights, by celebrating their success, and inspiring them to do it again.

Because real gyms are what create true transformations.

Today the new “Fitness Centres” are the ones loaded with shiny new machines.

These machines isolate one particular body part.

The range of motion locked in, not allowing for the natural rotation of the joint or muscle.

This is great for elite body builders who need to focus on one body part at a time. But for 99% of the world (and you and me), this training is pointless.

You need to move your body as a whole, and not just focus on one tiny muscle group individually.

Now I can hear what you’re thinking – why do you rant about these people, at least they’re doing something, who cares what it is!

My problem is NOT with the gym members.

Heck, I feel sorry for them – nobody even tells them how to workout properly, so they don’t know any better.

My problem is with the centres who are more profit driven than they are results driven.

These centres have a cold atmosphere.

The staff don’t know your name.

The staff look like they don’t even train themselves.

Their job is simple: to sell, sell, sell.

The word “culture” has hit rock bottom.

They aim to employ a team of a highly-trained, quasi-cultural staff of personal alterational specialists.

For God’s sake, don’t make any noise. And definitely don’t do any deadlifts or drop heavy weights on the floor… The management of these centres ban proper strength training, and claim that “insurance won’t allow” proper barbells.

But that, my friends, is useless.

Your workout is meant to be hard. It’s meant to challenge you. It’s meant to feel impossible at times.

These machines encourage the easy way out. They are not designed for those who want to work hard.

You know why most people don’t work hard? They’re too busy chasing easy.

They’re thinking, “how can I put in the minimum to get out the maximum? How can I put on 50% and get out 100%?”

Just as get rich quick schemes don’t work, neither do get fit quick schemes.

You’ve got to commit to 100%. You’ve got to chase hard, to go after what is diffcult.

Over the next 6 months I will be transforming my gym. There will be less machines and more barbells.

Less treadmills and more prowlers.

My clients are not elite athletes or bodybuilders. They are every day people just like you.

But they get in, they chase hard during their workout, and then they kick arse with the rest of their day and their careers and family.

And that’s the type of gym YOU need to be training at.

BTW, if you’re more interested in training that you are about the chat over by the water cooler, then this is for you (You’ll end up looking like a Roman Solder, too)



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