Favourite Smells


Question I never get asked* #34 – “Pete, what are your  favourite smells?”


* I basically invented this series of articles to let me ramble on about things that have very little to do with fitness, lifestyle or fat-loss. 


I’m so glad you asked me that question! One of them can also help you burn more fat and decrease the risk of disease. Here are my top 4 smells. I’ll start with the 4th place getter…


4) A BBQ. The smell of onions, steak and sausages sizzling away reminds me of Summer. It’s quintessentially Australian. I remember BBQ’s at swimming carnivals, Saturday trips to the hardware store, and family lunches. There is nothing more masculine that owning that BBQ – having guests over, chewing the fat, and absolutely nailing a feast on the BBQ whilst the smell of juicy protein whiffs past the nose.


3) Permanent marker pens. (Don’t judge me) No, I’m not an abuser. But I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I love the smell of permanent markers (Don’t leave me hanging here… guys?) I’m sure my team at work think I’m absurd, but hey, I really don’t care.


2) Freshly baked goods. Although my wife and I stick to a gluten-free diet (Nicole is 100% GF, I’m probably about 90-95%), nothing beats the smell of a tray of biscotti, a home made cake or a batch of muffins cooking away. I’m sure there is some emotional attachment to my grandma baking in her kitchen from when I was a child, but to me, this smell is hard to beat.


1) And in first place… Freshly ground coffee beans. The smell of coffee in the morning cannot be beaten. For me, I like to buy quality beans from a local roaster.


I then use my hand-held grinder to grind away 17g of whole beans before I press them through my Aeropress. I’ve tried the French press and a Nespresso machine, but have found the Aeropress makes the best home-made coffee.


Coffee is a great fat burner, and there’s also numerous studies showing that coffee beans can prevent a number of diseases.


I’m also a coffee snob. My friends can’t stand it when we eat out, as I’m more concerned about the coffee than I am about the food. But I digress, that’s another article for another time…


I know people raise an eye brow when I tell them I’m a coffee addict. Sure, I know I could cut back – it is my main vice.


I’m not a big drinker, and although I do enjoy an occasional celebratory cigar, I’m not a smoker. So coffee is my drug of choice.


I do have a few rules when it comes to my consumption:


1) No coffee after lunch time. Coffee has a half-life of up to 6 hours. Meaning if I consume 150mg of caffeine (approx. 2 shots) at say 3pm, by 9pm I still have 75mg in my system. I never sleep for more than 6 or 7 hours, so my sleep quality is really important.


2) Buy organic. Coffee is one of the most sprayed crops in the world. Me no like no toxins. If you don’t either, then look for organic beans.


3) Grind as I need. Coffee tastes WAY better when you only grind what is needed. I take out 17g for one cup, grind away, and then enjoy one cup.


4) Occasional cream. I eat dairy free, although occasionally I’ll have 1 tsp. of pouring cream with my black coffee. This is becoming more mainstream, and the good cafes should have proper cream for your coffee. If not, ask them to get it in. The cream gives the drink a lovely texture, and just takes a little bit of the bitterness away.


5) Pre-workout. Where possible, I try to time my coffee for 30-40 mins pre workout. I hate using commercial pre workouts, and I’m already a fairly high-energy guy, so I prefer coffee. There is tons of research to support coffee as a thermogenic and focus booster, so try it before your next workout.


Did you find this article helpful? How do you have your coffee? Let me know in the comments below!