Last night I celebrated the end of our LEANin6 training program with my offline clients.

It was a great night, and it’s always a great chance for our clients and team to let their hair down after 42 days of training hard and following the meal plan.

Here’s some happy snaps from the night…

The cocktails were flowing

The cocktails were flowing

And so was the pizza

And so was the pizza



One of my clients mentioned to me how since she started to drop body fat and looking younger, she was was starting to attract “haters”. Some of them were even her friends and family.

I could definitely relate. I think anyone who achieves any type of success – wether it’s personal, business, or even financial – they naturally attract jealousy and hate from those around them.

When I was in San Diego recently, I was told of a fantastic story about haters (I know it will help you the same way it did me)

Here’s what it was…

This is short + sweet – but it is EXTREMELY powerful.

The #1 enemy of the eagle is the mangy crow. 

Instead of fighting back, the Eagle simply flies higher and higher until it reaches an elevation where the crows can no longer fly.

In other words, the Eagle rises above the enemy.

This is probably the best example in the world about how to deal with people who criticize you or try to bring you down

ANY time you find yourself under attack, you basically have two ways you can look:

Aheador behind.

If you look behind, all you’ll see is the Mangy Crow pecking at your tail while they drag you down to their level.

This will consume your time, your energy, and take you backwards in life.

But if you look ahead and soar higher than your enemies, like the mighty Eagle, the pesky and negative Mangy Crows  will have no choice but to go find another Eagle to attack

And since every single one of us will deal with enemies and haters at some point during our lives, this is some of the best advice you can get.

Remember – the more success you have in any area, expect the haters to be out in full force.

What about you? Have you ever been under attack or criticized? If so, how did you handle it?

I’m curious to know your thoughts about this powerful lesson. Hit reply and give us your take.

Remember, your feedback is important.

Your friend,

Pete “The Eagle” Tansley