For fat loss, you need to stop eating carb’s after lunch, right? I’m sure you’ve heard that advice before.

Well it turns out it was dead wrong.

Eating carb’s at night can actually accelerate fat loss. What happens is it increases growth hormone, which means less body fat and more testosterone. It also results in a huge insulin spike, which leads to a tremendous anabolic response. This helps building more muscle, whilst staying lean.

I’ve been prescribing carbs at night to both my fat loss and recomposition clients. It works for both parties; the recomp crew claim they’re able to train harder the next day, have much higher energy, and don’t feel a drop in strength.

For fat loss, the feedback I get is that there is something to look forward to during the day. They don’t have to come home to chicken and broccoli. Now they can enjoy rice, sweet potato, and fruit on training days.

And the biggest benefit from both parties is improved sleep. Which is imperative to any goal.

Typically most diets will have a small portion of carb’s in the morning, and no carb’s at night.

This sucks.

I’ve tried having no carb’s at night, and all I got was insomnia and food cravings. By switching this around, your energy is high in the daytime, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

How To Structure Night Time Carb’s

For fat loss, include night-time carb’s in your training days only. I won’t get in to your daily macro’s, as it’s beyond the scope of this blog, however you may be eating anywhere from 50-150g of carb’s with dinner.

For recomp, you can be a little bit more liberal. On low-carb days, you can have up to 30-75g of carb’s with dinner. For training days, depending on your insulin sensitivity, your night-time allowance could be anywhere from 100-300g of carb’s.

Remember – the leaner you get, the better your insulin sensitivity, which means the more carb’s you can tolerate. You have to earn your carbs.

This is the perfect tip for when you’re travelling. It’s generally late lunch or dinner time that presents the biggest temptation. So eat low carb all day – eggs or meat + nuts in the morning, a protein rich salad at lunch – and then enjoy some carb’s with dinner.

I’ve just spent the day checking out the sights in Santa Monica.


Now it’s time to find a juicy burger + sweet potato fries before heading back to my hotel.

Let me know how you go with night time carb’s.

Talk to you in the comments,

Pete “Bustin Myths” Tansley