This ONE Trick Will Save Your Diet


I have a friend who started her diet several weeks ago now.

It was going fairly well, and she was excited with some early results she had noticed.

But what happened next put a dampener on her progress…


She went out to a meal with a friend. All is going to plan – she orders a green tea and a salad for lunch, and is excited to see how fresh and tasty the meal looks.

However her friend decides to order something a little different. She opts for the chocolate frappe and a serve of banana bread, which just so happens to be her favorite treat.

Her happiness turns to sadness. Now she wants the banana bread and frappe instead of the salad, which in her mind has gone from a gourmet healthy meal to a bowl of rabbit food.

She wants to stay committed to her meal plan. But the inner dialogue is killing her. The little voice tempted her to just try a little bit. Eventually, she gives in. Something had to give and in this instance, it’s her willpower.

She helps her friend finish the banana bread and then they split another dessert.

Perhaps you can relate to my friend? I know I definitely can.

However the banana bread was not the problem.

The real problem was the fact that very few people will stop at a small dessert. That’s just the start of it all.

People struggle to fail on a small scale. Meaning, once they realize they have ‘messed up’ their meal plan, people have a habit of saying ‘screw it!’ and they keep going.

Virtually on impulse, many clients in this scenario think, “I’ve ruined a good day – I might as well just start again Monday.’

It is this self-talk that stall progress. The banana bread, or whatever the food or drink is, is not the problem. It’s the thinking that one bad meal ruins a day, or worse, a week.

How To Overcome

The simple way to overcome this mentality is this:

Learn to fail in a smaller scale.

If you find yourself cheating on the plan, you need to master small failures. Learn how to stop at ONE bite of something, instead of convincing yourself ‘I’ll start again tomorrow – just one more!’

By always letting yourself start again with a clean slate, you set up the mindset that a period of overeating can be cured by started another diet plan.

However the only thing this approach will do is set up a life of yo-yo dieting.

So learn to fail small.

By mastering this one small trick, you will be comfortable with small slip ups.

Do this – and you will find it much easier to stick to the plan over the long term.


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