This weeks Q&A’s – 26/11/12


I get a lot of questions left here on my blog and via my Facebook page, so I’ll try to answer them here on my blog so everyone can benefit.

Q: In your opinion should I have rest/light training weeks? And if yes, how often??

A: Firstly, YES you most definitely should. It’s impossible to progress every week, especially after the first 8-12 months of strength training. The “train till you die” tough mentality is great when everything is going well, but add in lack of sleep, stress and poor food and you need to let the body rest from time to time. 

Remember it is when you rest that you get stronger, not when you train. How often depends. For some it’s 12 weeks before they need to rest, others might be 12 months. 

Me personally I go for 12 weeks, and then use that week to reset my goals and training program for the next quarter. 16 or 20 would be the most I would recommend. Some of my older clients who have stressful jobs and have been lifting for years, I would make sure they have a deload week every 8 weeks. 


Q: What are your favourite exercises? And how many reps?

A: The simple, basic ones – squats, dead’s, pressing varieties, pull-ups, hand stand pushups, advanced body weight stuff. Basically going old school and then periodising the rep ranges month to month. Personally I have been following some stuff from Jason Ferruggia and he suggests 5×5, then 6×4, then 7×3 and 8×2 over four weeks. It has helped my bench and dead dramatically. 


Q: The doctor told me to increase my carb’s. You told me to decrease them. What should I do?

A: Until you can see the start of ab’s, keep starchy carb’s to an absolute minimum. This is probably between 12-16% body fat for most people. When you are over 17%, you can NOT handle insulin well and need to increase fats and proteins whilst dropping carb’s.