No 1 – Foam Rolling

I make it a habit to roll out daily. If i’m pushed for time, I will only roll out my tight spots and spend a few minutes in total, rolling out the tight areas. Ideally, spend 10 minutes performing a full body roll out. For a lot of people – especially those who SIT for the majority of their day – this is the #1 thing they can do to perform their performance.

It will improve hip, shoulder, knee and even ankle mobility. Improving these areas means an improvement in performance. Therefore it makes no difference if your goal is performance related, straight up fat-loss or you’re looking to get swole and gain some muscle.

Here’s a great video of Eric Cressey going through a full body roll-out. I do have a video, but this is better, and mentions a monkey humping a football. (Need I say more?)

No 2 – Band Pull Apart

In today’s society we ALL sit too much, and as a result, generally have forward shoulder posture. What us fitness geeks call a stretch-weakness in the scapular retractors (and frequently the external rotator) muscles.

Plus, most people I train have vastly stronger internal rotators of the shoulder (i.e. pec muscles) than the external rotators, and you MUST have balance in your shoulders. This is way too common in bench-press obsessed guys.

Here’s how they’re done, shown here by Jason Ferruggia

No 3 – Chest supported rows

Adding to the Band Pull Apart, this is one of my favourite exercises to assist with strengthening the external rotators (And developing a strong grip and back)

Add in a 1-2 second pause at the top, and ensure your arms reach full extension on the way down. A good demo here from Roman:

There you have it – three exercises I rarely see being performed yet are vastly important in your training arsenal. Add them in to your next workout, and let me know how you go!

Your turn – what is your exercise you swear by, that is rarely performed? Let me know below.

Talk to you in the comments below,

Pete Tansley