Top 10 Reasons You Have Hit A Plateau

1.   You train like a panzy. It’s true – you need to up the intensity! Stop blaming anything else until you have worked your butt off for three months. Lift the intensity.

2.   You rest between sets. Stop wasting time! Instead or resting the “required” 2-3 minutes, pair exercise A with a non-competing B exercise. For example, you could combine 1 x upper body exercise with 1 x lower, or 1 x push exercise with 1 x pull. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

Rest? What rest?

Keep your heart rate up and be prepared to SWEAT!

3.   You’re lifting lightweights. Do not be afraid to add more weight. Most people I have seen in the gym over the past 10 years are doing what I would consider warm up weights! If your last several reps do not require you to concentrate and dig deep, you need to add some kg’s.

4.   You are eating like a bird. No matter your goal – fat loss, muscle building, or performance – you need to eat! Stop trying to starve yourself and force your body into a calorie deficit.

Yes, a calorie deficit is important, but when you go too low you’re in the same boat as the person who over eats.

5.   You don’t have a big enough WHY. What do I mean? Your WHY is the real reason you want to workout and be healthy. If it is just to lose 5kg, it will not last. It needs to be bigger than you!

My WHY behind my business and my workouts are simple – to transform 1,000,000 lives. So when I workout, I think of the 1,000,000 people I want to educate, inspire and lift up to achieve their goals.

See how much more powerful that is compared to, “I want to get healthier”?

6.   You’re a Quitter. The workout finishes when you are beyond your limits! Do not stuff around, watch the gym TV, play on your mobile, and then leave. Go hard! (And leave the mobile at home)

7.   You don’t do the hard stuff. Deadlifts, squats, pullups… These work because they are hard!

8.   You have no energy. Fix your diet. Remove anything that will cause inflammation – wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol.

Strength and fat loss will ALWAYS work, but only when your body and especially your digestive system is healthy.

9.   You don’t keep track of your workouts. This is one that is often skipped by gym-goers. It is so easy to do and one of the MOST effective tools to speed up progress.

As the saying goes, “What is easy to do is also easy not to do.” Start this one today, and aim for personal bests every week. (For some athletes who train very hard, I would recommend only going for PB’s monthly, with a periodized plan to avoid burnout. But for most, they are NOWHERE near overtraining and can aim for a PB on most weeks)

10. You don’t have a plan. For years I had no workout plan and trained “instinctively” like they promote in the bodybuilding magazines.

This is WRONG – work out a plan, or purchase one from a reputable trainer, and follow it to the tee. This takes all emotion out of the workout, meaning you can just turn up and follow a plan.

That’s it. A bit of a rant, but there are too many slackers and people with excusitis who take no responsibility, and moan and complain.


Drop me a comment below – what else would you add to this list? I’d love to hear from you!