Tyranny of Small Decisions


It’s funny how a series of small decisions can derail your plan. At first it seems innocent enough, and something you can make up later today or tomorrow. Ultimately, that one small decision can lead to failure.

Not directly, but it can set in motion a series of bad decisions. Here’s what I mean…

You miss one healthy meal you had planned to eat earlier in the day.

You missed one meal, so today’s workout is pointless, right?

May as well stay at home. You can catch that workout up later in the week…

The next day, you would rather stay at home to avoid the embarrassment of seeing your trainer at the gym. So you miss your second workout of the week (See where this is going?)

Two days off turns into an entire week of no exercise.

And because you’re not training, what’s the point in eating healthy foods? You may as well eat Krispy Kreme’s and wash it down with ice cream.

Can you see how one seemingly innocent decision can derail your grand scheme?

I see this exact thing play out, called the Tyranny of Small Decisions, time after time with my training clients.

I’ve also seen it happen with my own decision making. I’m sure you have to. I’m not saying to avoid making any bad decisions; that’s a part of life.

Let’s face it, some of those bad decisions will teach you valuable lessons.

But when you do, get back on track.

Don’t let one bad decision snowball into Armageddon.

Your thoughts? Agree ? Or think I’m talking absolute garbage? Let me know in the comments below. 

Pete Tansley