It took some really early mornings and late nights, but
it’s finally here…
For the first time in over 12 months, you can take advantage of
a new online group coaching program that I’m releasing today.
If you missed how it works yesterday, here’s a breakdown:
By the way, the link to apply is at the bottom of this email.
1) I’ll have to cap this off to 20 people in order to make this work
best for you. So it will NOT be open for everyone and once we
cap it off, we’ll have to close it down.
2) This group is about losing fat AND/OR losing fat while defining
muscle. If you’re looking to look like the Incredible Hulk, this
program is not for you.
We want people with similar goals because that is the “secret
sauce” to making it work.
3) I’m only looking for serious people. We are going to work
together for 90 days so you can discover how to drop fat without
the confusion and hassles, while learning life-long habits to keep
it off for life.
4) Each month, the group will get a detailed 4-week program to follow
and the good news?… you will NOT be alone. Everyone in the group
will be there with you. In fact, just so everyone is on the same page…
… you will be REQUIRED to post when you complete each workout
during the week.
And this is why we must limit how many we allow into
the coaching program so we can follow up with anyone
not posting.
5) You’ll get access to ALL my programs that you need to
make a dramatic change in the following 90 days.
For example, let’s say your core strength needs help
and you don’t have access to equipment. You can then replace
the 4-week program I post in the group with a Bodyweight
program I’ll send you along with access to my Ab Finisher
follow-along videos.
If possible, it will be more fun to follow the program that is
posted to the group each month to build a sense of community.
But if you’re traveling – you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do and we
want you to succeed.
6) This is the cool part – your calorie and macro-nutrient
plan will be INDIVIDUALIZED. Your nutrition will be based
on both your current physical state as well as your goals. This
will change as you go through the 90 days, too.
7) Why group coaching rocks – it’s very affordable. You’ll
also have more success as you will be reporting to myself as
well as your peers. I call it “Success Peer Pressure”.
Now here’s the thing – there are limits to who I’ll allow inside the
group coaching. For example – if you’re an extreme beginner,
this won’t be a good fit.
And if you’re a whiner and you’re not committed to 3 workouts
a week or you’re not willing to post your progress in the private
Facebook group, please don’t waste your time applying.
I’ll be blunt… this is for committed people only.
Note – Yes, you will need a Facebook account for private access
to the group. If you refuse to use Facebook, then this program is
not for you.
I’ll be personally looking over each application and I’ll let
you know if you are a good fit.
The 90-Day Group Transformation starts Monday, October 6
and goes through Saturday, December 27th… just in time to amaze
your friends and family at NY parties 😉
Now onto more specifics…
Group coaching is similar to my private online coaching program (which
I’m no longer taking clients), except you get the benefit of
peer support and a community.
Accountability is powerful.
Plus, group coaching makes it affordable. My private clients
invest $300 a month, but we’ll be dropping this program well
below that.
In a nutshell, group coaching provides all the same benefits
as my private client coaching, but with some additional “perks”
at just a fraction of the price.
So, here’s a snapshot of what you get:
1) Detailed 4-week program every month (and access to
any other products that are necessary to your success). I
will help you with this so you’re not overwhelmed.
2) A nutrition plan based on your specific current stats and
3) Access to me as well as your peers in the group where
you will be pretty much REQUIRED to succeed.
4) Adjustments to your nutrition program based on your progress
each month
The program is for 90 days.
And your investment is only $99 per month.
Before you apply…
As much as I’d love to work with everyone and anyone, I
simply can’t.
For 1 thing, you must know the difference between fats,
carbs and proteins. As your macros will change as you progress.
The application alone should filter out any non-committed
personalities. However, I’m going a step beyond that.
The total ONE-TIME investment is $297 for all 90 days
and a one-time investment is the only option. This shows
me you’re really serious this time, which is the only people
I want to work with.
Still reading? Good – you’re one of the few. In fact, you
can’t even invest until I approve your application.
So if you meet these requirements and think you’re a good
fit, that’s awesome. I like you already 😉
Click on the link below to apply and we’ll see if we can get
you in.
And at the end of the next 90 days, you’re going to look
and feel completely different.
Just imagine it – looking and feeling your best ever at Christmas.
Looking forward to working with you,
– PT