That Thing You Just Registered For? Yeah it SUCKS ... Here's Why!

Dear Friend, Thanks for opting in – details are on their way to you via my team of monkeys who will send it via the interwebs (in other words: it’s on it’s way - check your email inbox) But what I’d like to talk to you about in the meantime is this... The webinar you just registered for SUCKS. 

It's weird for me to say that. I know. But look - The content is good. Really good. Over decade of my work and study has gone into it. A lot of people have registered, taken action, and completely transformed their body based on my advice [which often goes against the grain]. However here’s my main issue with the webinar: It’s not specific to you. I couldn’t do a webinar for everyone's specific situation (My GF would leave me, I’d get fat, and probably die a lonely and boring old man. Not cool,) And some of my clients are happy with general advice. BUT – others - possibly you -  really need help working a plan into their specific situation. And look, that’s fair enough. Your body and lifestyle is a little bit different to mine, to the next person, and the next – that’s because YOU are a little bit different. Each human body reacts differently, which is why I hate one-size-fits all approaches to any thing health or fat loss related. YOU have specific goals, YOU have specific time constraints, YOU have specific needs.

So, How Can YOU Make It Work For You? 

You’ve registered for the webinar. I know you’ll get an incredible amount of value out of it, as I’ve put my best content into it. However, if you’re the kind of person who – like me – learns best by talking things through with somebody, by working out a specific day-to-day plan, and by getting more guidance. If you find you can better understand stuff with a mentor, someone who has been there done that, then you should totally take advantage of my...

Health, Nutrition and Energy Strategy Session. 

But be warned – this is only for action takers. I don’t pull any punches. This isn’t about blowing smoke up your ass and telling you that if you “just believe it, you’ll achieve it!” and telling you to OHMMM your way to a bikini body. [Like the Secret says. HINT: that doesn't work!] We’re going to pull your entire diet and workout plan apart and rebuild it… To make it better! Easier! More awesome! We’re going to look how we can instant changes to what you're doing (or very often, NOT doing)… BUT let’s face it, if you were happy with how you look and feel, you wouldn’t be reading this. Look, we won’t be unnecessarily douchey. But there’ll be constructive criticism. There’ll be plenty of truth for you and time for Q+A. I'll be real with you 100%. Probably some adult language. If you’re looking for no-nonsense, honest, straight down the line help – for someone who can look at what you’re doing and help you look and feel better and increase your confidence, then this is for YOU. We’re going to look at where you are right now and then figure out how to get you to your end-goal faster.

Who This Isn't For

I don’t work with whingey, whiney, excuse making people… or people who listen then take no action on my advice. Nothing against you, but my strategies simply don’t work for you unless you are a straight up action taker who doesn't screw around. If you want a “crash” diet, then this isn’t for you either. I can show you how to lose fat quickly, but what’s more important to me are your long-term results. But it’s going to be damned hard work [just like anything worth having.] If you’re a whingey, entitled little bitch (which I doubt if you’ve read this far!) – we won’t get on. I deal with workers. Action takers. People who don't mind grabbing a shovel and getting to work!  Clients who are willing to roll up their sleeve, follow a plan to the tee, and achieve results. So What Happens Next?

You’re still reading this?! Then you MUST be awesome!! Because, let’s face it, this letter is essentially daring you to sign up … I’m taking the $97 price point OFF this session for a limited time and throwing in 7-days of free online personal training … Simply click the link below, enter your details we will be in contact shortly to help get started and get in the shape of your life 🙂

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