You become the 5 people you hang around the most.

That’s a really powerful statement, and one that I believe in 100%.

What it basically means, is that eventually you will have the same income, political views, philosophy and attitudes as the top 5 people you hang around.

Do you hang around people who bitch and complain about everything? The one’s who take no responsibility and make excuses? Yeah, you know the ones.

Well guess what, soon you’ll be bitching and a moanin’ too.

The opposite is also true. Do you hang around high achievers? Those who always want more out of life? Then you too will pick up their traits and rise with them.

I have just returned from a weekend in San Diego where I was attending a mastermind event.

I was hanging out with guys like Mike Whitfield, Rick Kaselj, Shawna K, Shaun Hadsall, Bedris Keuillian, Craig Ballyntyne and the publisher of New York Times Best-Seller, Adam Bornstein.


I’ve been learning a crap ton during the day, and then having some fun and checking out the sights at night.

San Diego is a really cool place.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned here has been to hang around like minded people. As humans, we are like chameleons.

We absorb their views… Their attitudes… And their traits. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening to you right now.

It’s great to hang around a bunch of people on the same path, and who want to help tons of people lose fat and get healthy.

“You Become Who You Hang Around”

I didn’t invent this rule – but I definetly believe it.

My question for you is, Who are YOU hanging around?

Do you want to become the same as the top 5 people you hang around?

If yes, good on you.

If NO, then you’ve got some changes to make. Look for new circles to associate with, and leave your negative and self-limiting friends behind.

Getting initiated with ihop pancakes!

My gift for you:

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What’s your #1 fitness goal? (It starts with holding yourself accountable so write it down!)


Post any fitness related questions.

Talk to you in the comments,

Pete “Dump The Moaners” Tansley