Why BIG Goals Rule


Goal setting gets flogged to death.

You know you should set them, write them down, and review them

(And you are doing it, right? Just smile and nod to keep me happy)

With goals, chances are you sell yourself short.

There’s a gap in what they actually want, vs. what they write.

If you want to drive a new Ferrari, then write it down instead of buying a new family station wagon.

If you want to be shredded to the bone and turn heads at the beach, then write it down instead of just losing 3KG’s.

Small goals don’t do anything to fire you up. To light a fire beneath you.

Let’s use money as an example, but you can replace it with anything else.

What would get you more excited – to earn $1,000,000 in a year, or to earn $10,000 in a year?

My guess is the former.

You would get much more of an adrenalin rush to go for the bigger, more exciting goal.

If the potential reward is small, then so too is the energy and persistence you will have. When shit hits the fan and times get tough, you have to be persistent.

Otherwise you give in when times are tough.

But you will do anything to achieve the big goal. You’ll fail, and pick yourself back up.

You will hit obstacles, but walk right through them.

Nothing will stop you.

So stop setting mediocre goals with your fitness, and with the rest of your life.

Set BIG goals.

Aim for a 6-pack, and not just to lose 5kg.

Aim to run a marathon, instead of the 5km fun run.

Aim to double your strength, instead of aiming for 1 more rep.

Do something that scares you – and excites you at the same time – and you will succeed.

Some of mine for 2013: Finish Spartan Race (Way outside my comfort zone, I SUCK at running), deadlift 250 KG’s, bench 150kg, maintain sub-12% body fat.

It’s a fact – commenting increases your life expectancy by 12.4%, so get involved now: 

  • Ross

    I’m ready to get my six pack and to drop my body fat to 10%. My keen to rip in on Monday for our first session Pete .