Why people REALLY hire PT’s (Probably not what you think)


Most people think it’s for the latest cutting edge training plan.

Or even the best new diet trick to come deep out of the Amazonian jungle.

But the true reason having a trainer works is due to one thing:


A funny thing happens in the human brain. We’re actually more fearful of letting somebody else down than we are of letting ourself down!

I’m sure you’ve done this as well (I know I certaintly have)

Where you say to yourself,

“I’ll just head to the gym tomorrow to make it up”


“I’ll enjoy this one last chocolate/wine/donut, and then tomorrow I’ll start the xyz diet”

Yet when it comes to letting somebody else down, we will cancel appointments, move mountains, and totally go out of our way to stick with our appointment.

Often times we do this for people we barely know!

Can you relate?

So this is the point of having a coach, trainer or mentor.

Because they keep you accountable and you are less likely to cancel on them or waste their time.

How are you being kept accountable?

What areas in your life do you have a coach or a trainer?

Something to think about.

– PT