Women's Fat Loss - Part 2

I really hope you get a lot out of this second lesson, for day 2 of your 5-part series. If you have any questions, simply ask in the comment box below the video. Talk soon! Pete

Yesterday you learnt all about meal timing

Today we go a little deeper into nutrition...

What you'll learn today:

- How to portion your meals

- Calories down, protein and fats up

- Replace some carbs with more leafy green vegetables

Let’s get started.

There are no shortage of diets with calorie counting, complicated math, and weighing and measuring your meals.

I'm not saying these methods don't work.

In fact they can work incredibly well.

But what I don't like about this system, is that it's not sustainable.

Watch the video where I explain this concept in theory.

The aim of today is to show you there is a simple, proven, and effective method to control your eating.

Fat loss and nutrition shouldn't be complicated.

Today’s Resource

For today’s lesson, I’ve put together an easy print out for you.

You can download this document below. 

Tomorrow we look at the correct way to train for fat loss, and I’ve even included a free workout program.

Talk soon!


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